Chandra Nandini Updates: Is Chandragupta Maurya Aware of Vishkanya’s reality?

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In the beginning, it appeared that Chandragupta Maurya is totally unaware of Vishaka and her tricks. However, given the fact that Chanakya and Chandragupta are together and Chanakya knows that Rajkumari Vishaka isn’t the real Rajkumari, we doubt whether Chandragupta Maurya already knows about her truth.

According to the latest Chandra Nandini updates, we have noticed few things that in a way indicate that he has some idea about Rajkumari Vishaka and he is just playing around her.

An Informer Comes to Meet Chandragupta in the Palace

Chandra’s informer comes and inform him about things. Next, he invites everybody in the sabha where he announces his wish to entertain everybody. Next we see a saphera with a snake. Yes, he plans to entertain everybody with this snake show. Mere coincidence? Well, doesn’t appear so.

Chandra Nandini Updates: He Is Getting Close to Rajkumari Vishaka Without any Discomfort

Had he been close to her out of sheer attraction, he would have got a slight level of guilt. After all, Chandra’s heart still beat for Nandini. However, here, Vishaka is seducing him and he is simply getting in the flow without any discomfort.

This in a way signifies that he is playing around Rajkumari Vishaka, the Vishkanya so that she believes that she has trapped Chandragupta in her mayajaal. Besides, the way he is ignoring Nandini’s plea and request too indicates he has some big plans to expose Vishaka.

We are sure the informer is either Chanakya or Chanakya’s men who is keeping Chandragupta informed of everything that is going around. If Chanakya knows the truth about Rajkumari Vishaka, Chandragupta Maurya must be aware too.

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