Chandra Nandni Spoiler: The Black Magic Twist!!!

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Almost all historical serials made in India have this special blackmagic twist in them every now and then. Over the years, we have seen in almost all.the historical sagas made by various production houses. With Chandra Nandni ruling hearts, it seems that the serial too is adding a whole new plot on black magic.

Yes, Balaji Telefilms is all set to give us some terrific dose of black magic in Chandra Nandini.

Chandra Nandni Spoiler: Somebody Will Cast A Spell on Nandini

Nandini will start behaving rude. She will not behave her usual self and act aggressive not just with Chandragupta Maurya but also everybody in the palace. Now that we all know Nandini might be Chandragupta’s enemy, but she is a kindhearted woman.

Well, the reason of this strange behavior is black.magic. Yes, somebody is casting a spell on her and she is behaving exactly like the person who is casting a spell wants her to behave.

Black Magic Alert: Who is Casting a Spell on Nandni?

In the spoiler shared by Star Plus, Nandini is seen slapping Helena when she tries to make her jealous by sharing her closeness with Chandra. This makes it clear that Helena is surely not behind this.

But if not Helena, who can it be – Malayketu? Or is it Nandini’s own baddi Maa after all she has brought in one unknown person in the palace.

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