Know All About Mora Maurya – Chandragupta Maurya ‘s Mother

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Now that we know a lot about Chandragupta Maurya through Chandra Nandni and have several questions surrounding his mother Mora Maurya, we have brought down all the historical evidence and texts available about her.

Here we share everything about Chandragupta Maurya’s mother Mora Maurya:

Image Courtesy: Star Plus via Twitter
Image Courtesy: Star Plus via Twitter

The Mother of Chandragupta Maurya was a Peacock tamer

According to the literature available, Chandragupt was raised by Maurya-Poshakha who are peacock tamers. This is the reason why he got the epithet of Maurya. This background is confirmed by both Buddhist as well as Jain traditions.

So, Mora was neither a daasi nor a queen, she was an ordinary peacock tamer who gave birth to the extraordinary kid – Chandra who went on to become Chandragupt Maurya.

Mora was From the Chieftain’s family of the Peacock Clan

Buddhist tradition illustrates Mora as the wife of the chief of the peacock clan – Moriya Kshatriya while the Jain traditions refer her as the daughter of the headman of the village of peacock tamers – Moraposaga.

Either way, she belonged to the headman’s house of the Peacock clan. This clearly states that she and Chandragupta both had humble backgrounds.

There are several theories that indicate that Chandragupta was a Kshatriya and Plutarch even confirms the same but Mora’s background and theories indicate that she belonged to the peacock tamers family.

Know Lesser Known & Interesting Facts about Chandragupta Maurya  

This is the reason why the pillars of Ashoka has peacock in it. No wonder, the Buddhist tradition has also attested an association with Mora, Maurya and Moriya (meaning peacock).

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