Chandrakanta Serial: Is Virendra Singh the Real Prince of Naugarh?

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Chandrakanta serial is currently one of most watched fantasy fictions on TV. After all, the concept of the show is so fascinating that the tele viewers are hooked. From the  magic of aiyari to the beautiful love story of Virendra Singh and Chandrakanta, the serial has everything that the audience want.

The twists and turns in the serial are unexpected. For instance, the sudden focus on Veerendra Singh and his birth is making us restless.

Virendra Singh Is Not the Real Son of Marich

Last week we saw how Marich planned to end the life of Chandrakanta’s mother because she knows the reality of his son’s birth. Next, he expressed his desire to kill Veerendra too as his mission to get the key of talism is now complete. This was the only reason why he brought up Virendra and even made him khoonkhaar.

It is now clear that Virendra Singh is not Marich’s son. He simply used him for his motive. But if not Marich’s son, whose son is Veerendra Singh?

Chandrakanta Serial: Is Veerendra Singh the Real Prince of Naugarh?

When Naugarh’s prince Shivdutt on the insistence of Tej Singh came to take the blessings of his paralysed mother, she moved her feet aside. When he went away, she mumbled that he is not her son.

In the precap of Chandrakanta, the priest mentions Raja Jai Singh how Shivdutt and Chandrakanta are made for each other. How they are meant to be together in every birth which puzzles Chandrakanta.

These two instances in a way makes us believe that Virendra Singh is none other than the real prince of Naugarh who was apparently kidnapped by Marich for his own selfish reasons.

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Going by the original Chandrakanta novel too, Virendra Singh was the prince of Naugarh not Chunargarh. This makes the entire plot all the more interesting. What do you think?

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