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    Let’s Join for bring Evolution in Agriculture by the Way of Digitalization

    Open Access Platform for Providing Digital Agriculture Services under a Single Roof

    e- Krishi Kendra Vision :
    “ We belive that we are on the way that change current indian agriculture and Farmer’s situation. Our vision is to Bring Indian Agriculture at rightful Position through Digitalization.”

    e- Krishi Kendra Mission :
    Our deepest Purpose is e-Krishi Kendra Online Portal helping and support to Farmers, Agribusiness sector and Krishi Expert for improve knowledge and productivity through digitalization in Agriculture. We provide digital Agriculture services to make farming profitable and sustainable for delivering safe nutritious and affordable food for all.


    In agriculture field, the digital technology is helping farmers and Agribusinesses build resilience, achieve scale and develop sustainable solutions for those people who connected with agriculture field but don’t use it frequently, specially farmers. The main reason is lack of proper information. Farmers need reliable agri-information. We will give you the solution for this problem. It is ‘e-Krishi Kendra’ portal. ‘e-Krishi Kendra’ is a portal like a social media. Our portal Support national language (Hindi) and international language (English).

    It is a global platform, a discussion forum for farmers and other people who engage in agriculture field. It is a gateway where farmers, Agro vendors, Traders, Manufacturers, agri experts, Advisors connect digitally. In short, it offers different options under a single roof to people who engage in agriculture field.We provides ‘Agro advisors tab’ where farmers will gets help for farming. It will help farmers to get advice about soil condition, weather forecasting, crop pattern, crop growth, protection from crop diseases/insects/pests, market condition of various crops, information about market status, available facilities provide by government for farmers.‘e-Krishi Kendra’ will change the way of we interact with each other. It make it simple to stay connected in farmer’s lives. It is also B2B and B2C stage for Agro manufacturers, vendors, traders, farmers, Krishi bazaar where they explore their business.

    The occupational structure of India is dominated by the “Agriculture Sector” and the “manufacture Sector” and the “Service Sector” is lagging for behind in this context. This show that India is predominantly an agricultural economy and hence it requires strongest protection and development of its “Agriculture Resources”. India is facing certain “Agricultural Challenges” that must be resolved as soon as possible. We can reduce gap by implementing better platform for farmers and teach them for solution for their problems.

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