Live, Study and work in 3 Global cities – Dubai, Singapore & Sydney

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Business is a universal phenomenon. However, there isn’t any universal method of doing business. This is the reason why conventional business education might provide you with all the skills necessary to excel in your own country, however, this wouldn’t be enough for you to perform well globally if you choose to work in a different country.

Nevertheless, more and more students are now pursuing Global programs like Global BBA and Global MBA. While, there are several schools’ providing these programs, here we share about one of the best business schools that is being preferred by more and more students for better opportunities.

Well, we are talking about SP Jain School of Global Management that offers several undergraduate, postgraduate, partnership postgraduate, professional as well as doctoral programs. For a quick reference, here are the programs:

One School, Several Programs

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Communication
Bachelor of Economics

Postgraduate Program

Master of Global Business (SP Jain MGB)
Global Master of Business Administration (SP Jain GMBA)
Executive MBA

Professional Program

Global Family Managed Business
Global Owner Manager Program
Big Data & Analytics
Digital Marketing & Metrics
Financial Technology (Fintech)
Retail Management
Emerging Tech Programs by SP Jain School of High Technology

Doctoral Program

Doctor of Business Administration

Partnership Postgraduate Program

Master in Global Luxury Management

An Opportunity to Live and study in a minimum of three international cities –

The tri-city program of SP Jain School of Global Management gives the students an opportunity to live and study in a minimum of three international cities – Mumbai/Singapore – Dubai – Sydney. This global program has been helping the students to understand global business environment better, which has become a major key in their successful business career.

Study in One of the World’s Best Business Schools

One of the reasons why more and more students are preferring SP Jain School of Global Management is because of it’s reputation and global ranking. It is not just one of the best business schools in Asia but  ranks in three out of the world’s top four business school rankings – Financial Times (2011, 2012), Forbes (2013, 2015) and The Economist (2015). Interestingly, in each of these business school rankings, the business school is the youngest to be featured due to its innovative model of business education.

SP Jain School of Global Management Prepares You for Jobs in World’s Top Companies

Not just living and studying in world’s top economic centres, the students here also get to participate in specialized global learning classes where business structure are studied and tested.

The students here also get to interact with local companies as and when they conduct real-time application-based projects. This whole process is helping them to understand the interconnected nature of business, the influence as well as the impact of culture on consumer preferences along with business decisions, global collaboration and the confidence to step out from one’s own country.

Besides all the global knowledge, students at SP Jain are also learning how to be multicultural and adaptable, something that all the top global companies of the 21st century look forward in an employee.

Get Your Passport to Excellence (P2E)

‘Communication’ and ‘Leadership’ are two main skills that employers in virtually every field seek in their employee. SP Jain focuses on these specialized areas giving its students an edge over others in the workforce.

The Passport to Excellence program focuses on almost all the aspects of leadership including decision-making and personality development. This helps the students to get ready for leadership roles within their companies while making a big impact in the business ecosystem.

These are the reasons why SP Jains’ undergraduate and postgraduate programs like MGB and GMBA are preferred globally.

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