Godrej Masterblaster: A Chemical Free Hand Wash Soap for the Entire Family!

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A friendly frog, a good-luck rock, an enchanting mud pie are few goodies children often love to bring back home. However, these delightful gifts can bring billions of germs and microbes with them.

Germs and Microbes can spread in many ways, including:

  • through droplets released in the air when people sneeze or cough
  • touching dirty hands
  • through contaminated food and water
  • getting in contact with contaminated surfaces

When children come into contact with microbes and germs, they can get infected simply by touching their mouth, eyes and/or nose. And if they are infected, it won’t take much time for the infection to spread in the whole family.

This is the reason why hand wash soap is the first line of defense against the spread of several illnesses from common cold to serious illness and infections including flu, diarrhea, meningitis, hepatitis A, and bronchiolitis. While, there are several hand wash, Godrej Masterblaster is a naturally derived and chemical free liquid soap hand wash that effectively kills germs.

Godrej Masterblaster HandWash With Refill

Natural Ingredients:

The liquid hand soap doesn’t contain any harmful chemical elements and is absolutely naturally derived. It has the goodness of essential oils and glycerin that loves your hand.

The Hand Wash Soap Replaces Triclosan with Saner Actives

Now that triclosan (an antifungal and antibacterial agent found in consumer products like soaps and cleaning agents) does more harm to the skin than any good, Godrej Protekt has replaced it with saner actives to fight germs effectively. Triclosan is banned in the US.

It Is Completely Eco-Friendly

100% reusable and 100% recyclable, Godrej Masterblaster, the hand wash from Godrej Protekt is absolutely eco-friendly. You can refill it once it is over by getting the refill pack.

The Liquid Hand Soap Has Natural Fragrance

It has no smell but natural fragrance in it, giving your hands a fresh scent.

Yes, a drop of naturally derived Godrej Masterblaster can keep all the germs and microbes away from your kids and family. No germs, no grease, no dirt, no smell, just clean and spotless hands. A triclosan free hand wash soap with 98% naturally derived water-based formula, this liquid hand soap in a recyclable bottle is a natural recipe you would definitely want you and your family to try.

The few minutes you spend with Godrej Masterblaster at the sink can actually save you trips to the doctor’s dispensary. Don’t underestimate the power of hand washing from chemical free liquid hand wash!

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