5 Home Based Business Ideas for Women

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Starting a home based business is in everybody’s wish list these days. After all, the 9 to 5 job is not only tedious but also monotonous. Besides, home based business comes handy especially if you are a woman and on a sabbatical post marriage and/or childbirth.

While, you may wonder how and what to start, here we share home based business ideas that will not only give you monetary benefits but also the much needed mojo to your life.

Start Vlogging – Become a Youtuber!

Have a talent? How about showing it off or helping others through your knowledge through YouTube? You can either entertain people through your jokes and standup comedy like Superwoman, BB Ki Vines, AIB or you can make helpful tutorials on a particular subject or aspect if you are the serious kind.

Have an interest in makeup and beauty? Start giving out tips in your video and review products. Soon, you’ll get sample products from companies to review them. Have cooking skills? How about a YouTube cookery show?

Have a talent just express and show it off to the world. The Youtube views will slowly generate income through ads. Besides, you’ll also get coupon, vouchers, samples from companies to review them.

Freelance Content Writer – One of The Best Home Based Business Ideas

Many of the educated and career oriented women leave their jobs post childbirth. No wonder without proper environment and home security systems one cannot risk the future of the child even with a caretaker.

However, while being at home, such women can start indulging in content writing projects which are largely given to freelancers. Whether it is writing for a website, brand or an article on a particular subject, there are tonnes of work available online.

There are several bidding sites where you can bid post making your portfolio or update your CV with portfolio on any job portal. You can also join Facebook groups where such home based content writing jobs are posted on a regular basis. You can start with low paying projects and when you build your reputation in the market, you can start charging more.

Become An Influencer – Get Paid To Do What You Like

Hooked to social media? Have lots of Twitter followers, Instagram fans and Facebook likes? Well, brands and PR agencies are looking out for you with a price. Yes, you can earn good for having Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers.

All you have to do is keep doing the work you like i.e. staying online all the time on social media; keep posting, commenting, liking, retweeting etc and the brand will pay you just for that. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Online Tutoring – Go Digital

If social media is not your cup of tea, you can also get into online tutoring. With so much online courses from various universities going onboard, you can enrol in one such organization and look ahead to teach students online.

Facebook these days have lot of sponsored posts on this. You can also find such job opportunities on Quickr and other ad posting sites.

Be a Blogger!!!

Earlier blogging was just a hobby but now Blogging is a good source of income. So, if you are the one looking from home based business ideas, start blogging.

Blogging will soon help you earn money through Google ads, Affiliate marketing and other sources including content marketing. You can either start a general blog or a niche blog – depending on what interests you. You can blog at your own pace and spend quality time with your family too right from the comfort of your home.

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Happy Earning from the comfort of your home!

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