Ishqbaaz: 5 Reasons Why We share a Love-hate Relationship with Pinky Oberoi!

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Pinky Oberoi, the mother of Shivaay Singh Oberoi in Ishqbaaz is a colorful character who needs a special mention. While, she is a good lady, she has those special traits which makes her unique.

Here we share 5 Reasons Why We share a Love-hate Relationship with Pinky Oberoi:

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She is that Typical Aunty

Pinky Oberoi is that stereotypical aunty who has issues with everything. Though she can be nice, she is quite annoying. After all, she has problems with each and everything in and around the family.

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She is Materialistic and Judgemental

Though she herself came from a middle class family, she dislikes middle class people. This is the reason why she favors Tia and dislikes Anika all the time just because of their family status. She judges people according to their class and not by their qualities.

Pinky in Ishqbaaz is Funny too

Not just that, she is funny too. Her English accent and jokes often make us go ROFL. The way she talks, cribs and blabbers is not just funny but LOLworthy.

She is Helpful

Remember how she melted our hearts by trying to bring Tej close  to her Jethani ji? Ya though she share those cold vibes, she isn’t bad at all. After all, she tried her best to bring them together without having any vested interest.

Pinky Knows How to Take Revenge

Though she likes her Jethani, she shares a love-hate relationship with Tej. She always reminds him his wrong deeds. Now that Tej is support Shivaay – Anika wedding, she will try her best to expose Rudra and Saumya’s wedding after she’ll come to know about the same.

Good yet scheming, Pinky Oberoi in Ishqbaaz undoubtedly is a colorful character worth watching.

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