Know the Best Stock Market Brokers in India

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In India there are several stock market brokers, however, not all brokers are worth your time and money.  After trading with various brokers and spending most of my investment in brokerage, I have narrowed down a list of brokers which you can rely for stock market trading.


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However, to your surprise, the list of India’s best stock market brokers is not long but comprises only three names. The reason? Well, they not just offer you cheap brokerage but also good services.

Let us now check the brokerage of these best brokers in India one by one

1. Trade Smart Online of Mumbai

Website –

The brokerage rate of is here as under:

Plan I

Delivery Rate – 0.007% x 2 (i.e. for both sides + ST)

Intraday Rate – 0.007% x 2 (i.e. for both sides + ST)

Plan II

Delivery Rate – Rs. 15.00 fix per trade x 2 (i.e. for both sides + ST)

Intraday Rate – Rs. 15 fix for any trading amount x 2 (i.e.  for both sides + ST)

Plan III

Rs. 1899 fix for 1 month + ST for any trade (incl. Buy and Sell) for both, Intraday and Delivery

SAS Online of Delhi

Website –

Plan I

Delivery – Rs. 9.00 or 0.1% for each Trade whichever is lower x 2 (i.e. for both sides + ST)

Intraday – Rs. 9.00 or 0.1% for each trade whichever is lower x 2 (i.e. for both sides + ST)

Plan II

Rs. 999 + ST fix per month for any trade and any amount (incl. Buy and Sell) for both, Intraday or Delivery

Zerodha of Bangalore

Website –

Plan I

Rs. 10 per Lakh x 2 (i.e. for both sides + ST) for both Intraday and Delivery.

Plan II

Rs. 20 (fix amount) for each trade x 2 (i.e. both sides + ST)

Please note, for Intraday, A Trader has to pay additional charges of STT and other taxes which is @Rs 36 per Lakh on sale amount. However, the same is not applicable on buy amount.

Note: If you trade with VNSFin, you can trade directly on the NSE app as it provides you with a Member ID. But, with Zerodha and SAS, you have to trade on their respective websites or on

Now enjoy cheap brokerage. Happy Trading!

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  • Abhishek Ninaniya

    In my view Zerodha is the best brokerage house in India, have been using their services for year now……..I referred Zerodha to one of my friend last month and a few days back he came to me saying, ‘Abhishek, Zerodha is the best broker I have ever traded with, you should know I just loved it”….he was so impressed by Zerodha pi, back office support and trading platforms that since then he has been referring Zerodha to all……………… the best thing about Zerodha is their industry leading brokerage of 0.01% for intraday and 0.1% for delivery for options its just Rs. 20 per trade means you can trade even 10 lots or 100 or more for just flat fee of Rs. 20…………..ti comes out to be 70-80% less compared to traditional brokers……………… and if you open your account through this website you can also get training material and services worth Rs. 6000 for free. Click here to visit the website now