LGBT Rights – Why Should It Be a Crime to Love Someone?

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This post is written by Nalini Moorthy

I’m not exactly sure when I stumbled upon the LGBT issue, but the very thought of persecuting someone because of their sexuality always stuck me with strong confusion and underlying anger. It is an outrage that in our modern world, so many countries continue to criminalize people simply for loving another human being of the same sex.

LGBT Rights – Loving Someone Is Not  a Crime!

Why should it be a crime to love someone, regardless of their sex and gender as long as the relationship was consensual and healthy? There are 99 other problems for our law and policy makers to focus on yet they always find themselves wasting valuable time and party funds disagreeing with LBGT activists about the legality of homosexuality, homosexual relationships and marriages.


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People should mind their own business and let others be with who they want instead of believing religious scripts of old that preach otherwise.

Love is love regardless of gender, sexuality and everything else in between and therefore we should let it win and eventually everything is sure to fall in place because love is what makes the world go around.

I admit this is the one reason why I am always supportive of leaders who favour complete LBGT freedom because it becomes apparent to me and everyone else that it is not in the least fruitful to persecute an innocent minority over whom they choose to be with and prefer to focus on the more important matters that concern a state.

I write this in the hope that our country’s law makers do come to the decision to decriminalize homosexual activity once and for all and eventually pass on laws for their protection from the disagreeing masses and finally pass an official law making marriages between such couple legal in all states.

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