Everything You Wanted to Know about Rally For Rivers Campaign in India

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Starting from September 3, 2017, Rally for Rivers is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness regarding the fact that our rivers are slowly depleting.

What is the Campaign All About?

In every Indian state, smaller rivers have already gone missing while perennial ones are either going totally dry or becoming seasonal. Kaveri in Tamil Nadu, Bharatpuzha in Kerala, Musal in Odisha, Kabini in Karnataka, Kshipra in Madhya Pradesh, Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh along with Ganga, Narmada, Gomti, Bhramaputra, Musi, Godavari and Bhim are dying slowly.

A crisis affecting the nation, the situation of river in India is quite grim. However, with comprehensive government policies, our depleting rivers can be nurtured in time so that they can not only serve us but also our future generations. Rally for Rivers is nothing but a movement to alert the citizens of this fact so that they can join the drive, broadcast the same and campaign to save our rivers.

How Can You Join the Rally for Rivers Campaign?

Anybody can join the campaign by giving a missed call to +91 80009 80009. Each missed call count as a vote to the campaign so that our government can implement policies that are in favour to our rivers. Now that we consume water, we do have a moral obligation to protect rivers, don’t we? You can also join the supporting army, create an art (there are prizes worth lakhs) or shoot a river video (there are prizes worth lakhs) to spread the awareness. You can also pledge your support here.

Who is Organizing the Campaign?

Conceptualized by Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Yoga center, the campaign has been taken forward by every section of society across India. From politicians, to sportsperson to actor people are readily coming forward to join the noble cause.

Image Courtesy: isha.sadhguru.org

The rally has commenced and it will criss-cross India on the road for 30 days to save our rivers.

It is time to fulfill our responsibility to revitalize our rivers before it is too late. In case you are environmental scientists and/or expert looking forward to contributing towards this cause, you can email your suggestions at ideas@rallyforrivers.org

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