How Social Initiatives by Vodafone in Delhi NCR Is Empathizing the Capital of India

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In this fast-paced world full of struggle and competition, it is really a bliss to see somebody stop by and be empathetic towards not just kids, senior citizens, under-privileged but also animals and environment. After all, caring is a prosocial behavior, an action intended to help another person. The more we are empathetic towards another being, the healthier it is for us.

Interestingly, these days not just NGOs but even corporate houses are widening their hands in support to help the society and the world we live in. Recently, during one of my trips to the National Capital Region, I came across few social initiatives by Vodafone India that I couldn’t help but share it here for others to follow the suit:

When Vodafone Super Volunteers Helped the Old & Disabled to Ensure a Hassle-Free Durga Darshan

Dura Puja is celebrated with great aplomb across Delhi and tons of devotees come together to pay respect to Maa Durga during this 9-day festival of bhakti and devotion. What bowled me over is when I saw some volunteers engaged in helping the differently abled people and senior citizens with wheelchairs so that they could easily visit the pandals.

Image: via VarIndia

These volunteers were none other than Vodafone Super Volunteers, a part of #CelebratingSuper initiative committed to help devotees willingly. They were even distributing free water bottles while looking for the visitors.  The team was seen in five different pandals in five of the prime locations – Mayur Vihar, Sector 22 Dwarka, B Block C. R. Park, Indirapuram and Vasundhra Enclave. Yes, Happy to Help went beyond just the tagline.

In the Wake of Smog, Vodafone Launched Air Purifying Bus Shelter in Delhi

We are all well versed with the rising pollution levels of Delhi as the quality of air seems to be going from bad to worse. Recently, due to this alarming situation, the Supreme Court had even banned the sale of firecrackers in the National Capital Region.


This whole precautionary method reminds me of an exclusive initiative by Vodafone to Transform Delhi in a right direction. In December 2016, Vodafone gave the citizens of Delhi NCR it’s very first ‘Air Purifying Bus Shelter’ at Safdarjung so that patients visiting Safdarjung hospital and AIIMS can use the facility without having to breathe the polluted air. The idea although at a small scale is a super start to combat the poor air quality. I particularly like the notion of the initiators as they have been empathetic towards the people tackling health issues.

Green Diwali Campaign, One of the Most Recent Social Initiatives by Vodafone in Delhi NCR

Although the SC verdict on crackers disappointed the citizens residing in Delhi, something brought a huge smile on their face. For a change, customers who flocked inside any Vodafone store in Delhi walked out with eco-friendly crackers containing tulsi or soya plant seeds as a Diwali gift.

Let me explain, the super crackers are nothing but eco-friendly water-soluble papers in the shape and form of a cracker. Moreover, it carries seeds air purifying plant seeds such as tulsi or soya plant which when planted in each of the house of the beholder can help in curbing some pollution levels of the city; leading to a healthier and safer environment for everybody.  

I was in awe with the idea particularly as the telecom provider thought of helping the society by starting from one at a time instead of going the other way around. What’s more, this initiative also ensured a peaceful and blissful Diwali for our furry pets as well.

And If this wasn’t enough, the Vodafone stores had a huge section where any customer could send a personalized Diwali greeting in the form of GIF to their loved ones through Augmented Reality Technology.

Exchange Happiness: A Super Social Initiative by Vodafone for #CelebratingSuper

We all love to be happy, joyful, elated and then celebrate life king size. However, not all are so happy and privileged like us. How many times have we thought of trying to help them by sharing and/or giving our stuff to them? Many times, right?

While we just thought of, all 52 outlets of Vodafone Store in Delhi invited visitors across Delhi NCR region to donate their toys, clothes, and gadgets so that the team could then pass it on to the less fortunate. I particularly loved this initiative, not because there were return gifts to the donors in the form of vouchers and gift cards, but for the reason that it taught even the kids the art of giving. After all, being considerate and empathetic towards another being from the very start is not only healthy for the individual, his/her family, the society but also his country and thereby the entire human race.

It is time empathy takes over our ego as we slowly yet gradually walk the path of being considerate, humane and thoughtful.

As Marx Carver rightly quoted –

“Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It’s the impetus for creating change.”

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