Subscription Lifestyle in India: When Renting Is Preferable than Buying

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Gone are the days when the only measure of success was owning a house and/or buying a brand-new car. Today, this traditional accomplishment has been outdated. Needless to say, the concept of success has changed over the years. Currently, a growing number of young people around the world, yes, the so-called millennials, don’t want to buy them at all. Interestingly, this is the reason why millennials are called the ‘generation of the renters’ in the United States.

Yes, because, going by the values of the current generation of young people, success is not about owning a home or a car, it is about investing in experiences – building a start up, travelling around the world, learning and investing in a new skill, capitalizing the finance by investing in a business venture, and so on. This is the reason the concept of renting is more prevalent today than the idea of ownership – Why own a small apartment when you can rent a house; something big and as beautiful? Why buy a car if you can take a cab with a driver?

Life by Subscription: When Renting Is More Preferable than Ownership

We Indians are gradually going through a subtle shift. We might be doing the same thing, but the way we have been doing things have changed. There was a time when our dream was setting up home, buy furniture, possess our own car, but now that we have the option to live a subscription life in India, the Indian dream is no longer for sale but for rent. Now, that an average person changes job in every three years and is practically clueless on how long they’ll stay where they live, nothing is preferable than taking things on rent or let’s say living a subscription lifestyle royally.

Why worry about buying expensive appliances and block our money when we can rent appliances? Why buy on EMI, when we can take a bike on rent for the required time? Nevertheless, every purchase you make today (vehicles, appliances, furniture) will depreciate over time.

While in the United States there might be several places where we can rent furniture, home interior and other things, in India, we have Rentomojo, an online portal that offers  furniture on rent, appliances on rent as well as home décor items so that you can smartly own quality furniture, appliances, and vehicles (yes, you can rent bikes) at an affordable cost.

Rent versus Buy: Why Choose the Subscription Lifestyle by Rentomojo?

For subscribers who rent a house, take Ola/Uber, watch Hotstar/Amazon Prime, rent appliances, subscription forms an agile lifestyle. No ownership means neither any upkeeps nor any maintenance cost. Nevertheless, the subscription can be upgraded or cancelled any time easily and flexibly. This is the reason why Rentomojo is gaining more and more prominence day by day as it is not only convenient and commitment free but also cost-effective.

Besides, you rent first and pay later via RMI (Rental Monthly Installments), get a range of appliances and furniture for every room and corner of your home and cancel contract anytime with no significant cost if you change your mind in case.

What attracts me to this portal are its two unique and very useful features –

  1. It provides free relocation across cities – They transport your subscription with you, and
  2. Free Maintenance – Yes, the tension of maintenance of the rented stuff is their headache, not yours!

Looks like a deal, isn’t it?

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