5 Mahabaleshwar Specific Items You Must Taste During Your Visit

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When it comes to planning a weekend getaway during the summers, Mahabaleshwar is the first place that comes to almost every Mumbaikar’s mind. Well, not just the weather it has some stunning places to explore and amazing things to try our hands at especially those innovative exotic food, drinks and desserts.

Here are few things that you must try during your stay in the twin hill station, Mahabeshwar Panchagani.

Strawberry Wine

No, grapes are not the only fruit that makes the best wine, strawberries are great too. Besides, when you enter the land of strawberries, tasting a strawberry wine is a must-must thing. You can visit any of the winery/vineyard to get a bottle of strawberry wine in Mahabaleshwar and Panchagani. Kingberry Winery and Rhythm Winery is where you can take a sip of this relishing wine while you enjoy the gorgeous view of the strawberry farms. Alternatively, you can get a bottle back home to relish the taste for long.


You cannot miss eating marshmallows if you are visiting Mahabaleshwar. Eggless and Gelatin free, these lip-smacking sugary desserts are available with almost all the bakeries in the region. One of the kid’s favorite, you can either gulp it straight or slurp it along with some dessert like a hot cup of chocolate.

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Parsi Food

Almost all the hotels in Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani have Parsi restaurants nearby where you can enjoy scrumptious Parsi food like dhansak, kheema pav, Sali murgi and others. Most of these Parsi restaurants are run by family members and so you and your kids have the pleasure to enjoy the taste of Parsi home made food right when you are on a vacay.

The Grapevine in Mahabaleshwar and the Strawberry Inn in Panchgani are quite prominent amongst the regulars when it comes to enjoying a meal of Parsi cuisine.


There is certainly more to Mahabaleshwar than strawberries and if you are a cheese lover you must definitely check out the cheese factory that manufactures and sells a variety of cheese including cheddar and mozzarella along with various cheese spreads like pepper jack, smoked cheddar etc. The cheese here is not only fresh but also quite a delish. Pure Gold Cheese Factory is open from 9am to 9pm and you not only watch the making of the cheese but also purchase cheese from their store besides honey and jams.

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Yes, the strawberry capital of India is now even into cultivating the exotic blueberry. Healthy and nutritious, they are locally grown and are sold on the streets of Mahabaleshwar. Don’t judge them by their mere appearance, they are quite delicious. You also get raspberries in Mahabaleshwar now.

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Enjoy these Mahabaleshwar specific things and do not forget to bring them as a souvenir to gift to your family, friends, colleagues and of course, the neighbors!

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