5 Ways to Get the Best Buddha Statues Online

buddha statues online

Nowadays, a Buddha statue is found in almost every home either for religious reasons or for decorative purposes. Some people buy it to satisfy their inclination towards Buddhism and various beliefs, while others choose it to add positivity and elegance to space.

However, when it comes to buying a Buddha statue, you cannot decide based on appearance alone. As you can see on platforms like https://www.lotussculpture.com/buddha-statues.html, there are wide varieties of Buddha statues to choose from. But how do you find the best Buddha statues online from the bunch?

Check the Identity of the Statue

When looking for a Buddha statue online, the first and foremost thing you must check is the identity. Though it may sound absurd, you must check whether or not it is a legit statue. This is because there are high chances of you mistaking a different deity’s statute as Buddha.

Many deities belonging to Hinduism look very similar to Buddha’s images. As it is easy to confuse Buddha’s statues and other Gods, you must know what to look for while choosing. Checking the hand gestures is an excellent way to identify Buddha statues.

For Best Buddha Statues Online, Check The Quality of Work

While buying a Buddha statue online, you have to check the piece’s quality. Be it marble, brass, or bronze statues; you must check the intricate details and the artistry before buying it.

If you plan to buy a statue made of precious metals like silver and gold, check if the figure is complete. The Buddha’s face should be painted in gold without any patches or peelings. The quality of work and the authenticity of the material decide the quality of the statue.

So, while buying online, check if the site has high-resolution pictures of the statue and, if yes, examine the details before making the final decision.

Buddha Shakyamuni & Budai are Different

Usually, all online stores sell Budai and Buddha Shakyamuni statues together. But, before you buy, you have to understand that both are different altogether. Budai, also known as laughing Buddha, is a symbol of prosperity and peace. Budai, a Chinese monk, was known for his generosity; hence people perceive the statue as a symbol of wellness and riches. 

On the other hand, Shakyamuni Buddha is the teacher and founder of Buddhism, and he taught endless noble lessons to humankind.

These figures are two completely different identities, and you must buy the right one complementing your inclination.

Select the Right Posture

Buying a Buddha statue online can be easy, but buying the best one depends on your knowledge of various Buddha postures. Buddha statues that you find online may either represent only the head or whole body with different poses.

It is a better choice to buy the statue representing Buddha’s whole body to feel the powerful sense of spirituality. When it comes to hand postures, the most popular and the safest choice would be buying the Meditating Buddha. You can identify this posture by checking if the Buddha’s left hand is pointing to the ground.

If you are buying the Buddha statue to decorate your interior spaces, you can experiment with different mudras based on Feng Shui or Vastu.

Choose a High-Quality Material

Buddha statues made of metals like brass can last longer compared to the rest. Especially if you plan to place the figure in an outdoor space, brass can fend off natural environmental conditions.

So, while buying online, check the authenticity and originality of the material as well. As Buddhism teaches that buying a holy object by spending one’s wealth makes it a spiritual sacrifice and an act of generosity, don’t ever compromise when deciding the type and quality of the material.

Before buying a Buddha statue, have a clear purpose in mind; once you get a clear idea, head over to a reliable online site and select the best one.

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