6 Cybersecurity Tips for your Business

cybersecurity tips for business

Year after year, the world records rising cases of cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity is an issue affecting businesses, both small and big. Established companies like Uber, Maersk, and Equifax experienced a cyber breach in 2017. According to statistics and research, the bigger the company, the higher the chances of a cyber-attack. However, small businesses are also not on the clear. Other hackers, especially the newcomers, try out their luck with the small businesses since they are easy targets.

Cybercrime is now one of the most lucrative crimes. The most significant advantage is that attackers do not need a physical presence, which reduces their chances of being caught. Laws, regulations and the technology surrounding cybersecurity is still developing. Thus, it is up to businesses to ensure they are secure. They can protect themselves through;

System Assessments

An adequate system today may not be sufficient tomorrow. Attackers are always working to find new ways to breach the system. Periodic assessments ensure your businesses’ security keeps up as well. Reviews show the areas of weakness that need fixing. A white-hat hacker is an essential asset in this process. White hat hackers have similar skills to malicious hackers but operate to test their firewall and security. A professional cyber security firm like Cytelligence can assess your security flaws and suggest improvements.

Training the Staff

Your business’s security system is only as strong as your weakest link. Hackers are very wise and have a deep understanding of human nature. They will not hesitate to lure an employee into a trap to gain access. An employee could have weak passwords or fall for a phishing email or advertisement, which jeopardizes the security. Train the employees on attackers’ tricks and how to identify suspicious calls, emails, and texts. Ensure they understand that you are a team whose duty is to protect the business.

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Update the Software

Legacy software that is no longer used increases the cybersecurity issues. Out of date programs have old security systems that are easy to bypass.  This counteracts the efforts in updating security systems in the new programs. You could implement a vulnerability management process to scrutinize for vulnerabilities that need updating.

Protect your Hardware

You should have a way to protect all mobile devices used for business work. For security reasons, you should be able to trackwork-related devices and even shut down the ability to log in if need be. Information in the devices that concerns work should have an encryption code. Physical loss of hardware is an opportunity for a cyberattack. It would help if you also had random and complicated passwords for devices, which are hard to replicate. Do not write down passwords; instead, commit them to memory to ensure privacy.

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Get Cyber Insurance

Cybercriminals continue working effortlessly to find advanced ways to breach the system. Thus, as a business, you can never be too comfortable in your security system. There is always a risk that a company may experience tremendous losses from a cyberattack. To mitigate such losses, you can take up cybersecurity insurance. This way, you have some compensation to lessen the blow of a cyber-attack.

Back-up Your Data

Apart from encryption, having a back-up for your data is crucial for protecting your business from a cyber-attack. This may help in ransomware cases, where attackers encrypt the company data and ask for ransom. In the ransomware removal process, removing the malware may cause a loss in the data as well. This is because it is only accessible using the code that the attacker has; when you have a back-up for all your data, you can always reinstate the system to its previous condition. Always store back-ups separately.

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Ensuring cybersecurity in your business is a process of constant learning. You will have to change tactics and educate the staff repeatedly to keep up with the trends in cybersecurity. At the same time, it’s all about instinct at times. Businesses cannot always depend on technology for protection.  People should be wise enough to avoid things like plugging in a foreign flash drive to the work computer.

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