7 Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Singapore happens to be one of the greatest and most loved places when it comes to Asian tourism. The place presents a perfect fusion of European and Asian culture. For your knowledge, Singapore was founded by the British trading colony in year 1819 and post-independence, it turned into one of the most commercially successful cities in the world with one of the busiest ports on this planet.

The city grew up to become a picturesque site from every other aspect including a haven for tourists, explorers, and travellers. So, if you ask us there is no dearth of tourist attractions in Singapore but if you are looking for the top ones, here are the seven you cannot afford to miss.

Orchard Road:

One of the prime shopping centres of Singapore; it is a main point of attraction for foreign tourists as well as locals. The road gets its name from the fruit orchards it leads to. It is filled with several posh restaurants, cafes, malls, hotels, nightclubs, and coffee chains on both ends.

It is also the official residence of Singapore’s President and is embellished with over the top Christmas decorations along the way during the holiday season. For those looking for some fun and extra spark in life, it is one of the most energizing places to be.

Marina Bay Sands:

One of the essential parts of Singapore honeymoon packages, this one is a true delight for those who want to experience some of the best luxuries in the world. The resort happens to be one of the most extravagant ones that was built after an expenditure of US$5.7 billion and opened in year 2010.

It is a place filled up to gills with luxuries, endless shops, largest convention centre of Asia, cafes, hotels, theatre, entertainment centres, as well as Art Science Museum. If you are a fan of skating, you can always enjoy the skating rink here that is filled with synthetic ice.

The Singapore Flyer:

Just like the one in London, it is a large Ferris wheel that promises the most stunning views of the city as you start rising to the top. The cars installed in it have a capacity to hold around 28 people in one go. When it was first opened in year 2008, it was one of the highest of its types in the world with a height of 541 feet.

It also has ability to accommodate disabled tourists in wheelchairs. You will find it in Marina Bay and if you are hungry you can always eat at the three floor restaurants at its terminals and shop around at local shops.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple:

Being in this part of Asia, you got to check out some of the traditional Buddhist centres and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple happens to be one of those. It is basically a Chinese temple, but most importantly it houses the Buddha’s tooth relic. The temple is located in the central part of Chinatown and features lot many traditions and arts of Singaporean Buddhists.

Gardens by The Bay:

Once you have checked the stunning green space from the Marina Bay Sands top, you will have no reason to miss this green heaven. You can always take a casual stroll through the Bay East Garden which is a perfect place to enjoy with your family and friends whenever you want to be isolated from the hectic schedule of city.

The place features one of the most alive floras and is a serene place that offers plenty of isolation from city noise. One important place that you wouldn’t want to miss at any cost is the Supertree Grove that is a cluster of the most futuristic and iconic symbols designed to balance the environment. At the head of the Cloud Forest Dome, you can always watch the tallest indoor waterfall in the world and least so much about biodiversity.

Raffles Hotel:

It is a colonial structure which is also one of the biggest ones from the last century. The place was so famous for its grandeur and magnificence that it was once visited by the likes of Joseph Conrad and Rudyard Kipling. What Burj Al-Arab is to Dubai; this hotel is to Singapore. It is the main identification mark of this place. You can love it for its unique architecture and stunning tropical gardens that complete the picture in the most perfect manner.

The Raffles is situated in the Colonial District of Singapore and is also counted among one of the most historic sites in Singapore. It was the place where Sir Stamford Raffles stepped first in year 1819. He first observed a small fishing village here and then considering its potential converted into a full size port.

Singapore Zoo:

One of the best rainforest zoos in the world. It is a very impressive place to be. The complete facility is inviting with its stunning animals and cleanliness. The group of Orangutans here is of special interest as you can watch the babies as well as the adults swinging high over platforms and groping bananas from here and there.

You can also watch out for Chimpanzees, zebras, a komodo dragon, white tigers, mole rats, meerkats, kangaroos, and so much more. Visitors can observe feeding of animals and if you are not satisfied with that you can always go for a night safari, a river safari, and visit the Jurong Bird Park.

This post is written by Neha Singh, a full-time travel blogger

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