9 Ways to Improve your Essay Using Online Resources

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The appearance of world wide web has changed lives of many people. A simple access to a variety of materials made the workflow of different specialists smoother and more comfortable. Students are ones of the people who have benefited from the Internet most of all. Now they can not only communicate with each other, entertain themselves but also take advantage of the learning opportunities offered. Now there is no need to look for a local writing service or visit a library. In addition, there is a variety of tools and online platforms that can help you with paper writing, essay writing in particular. Here are some of the ways how you can use them to improve your essay quality.

  1. Check grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Recently, you had to browse hundreds of dictionaries to ensure if your word or sentence is properly written. The invention of the computer and Microsoft Word, in particular, has eased writer’s life as there is an in-built spell checker in it. Today, the number of online tools has simplified the check process significantly. You can insert your text into an editor and have your text checked for grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

  1. Build mind maps

Essay samples writing is a process that requires analytical activity. For a text to be coherent, persuasive and well-structured it is important to find convincing arguments and evidence to support them. That is why before you start writing you can create a mind map and include their all the arguments and pieces of evidence you will find. It will help you to make the essay content well-structured.

  1. Expand vocabulary

The Internet is a source of numerous dictionaries and diverse content. You can always find something interesting to read and learn something new. It is a well-known fact that reading is very important for the development of both written and oral speech. Moreover, you can find any synonym or definition of the word there too.

  1. Look for essay topics

 It happens that students are assigned to find or compose topics of their essays themselves. It can be a challenging task so educational websites can be rather helpful. You can look through the topics suggested or previously written by others or ask for help on forums.

  1. Look through essay-writing tutorials

The variety of essay types can puzzle even the most experienced writers. Modern online platforms offer a variety of material and tutorials how to make your essay worth A grade. There are rules on structuring, presenting viewpoints, general writing tips and much other information that will be useful for essay writing.

  1. Examine different essay samples

Before you start writing your own paper it is always useful to look through the examples of other essays. You can learn the features that made those papers effective and use them in your writing.

  1. Try interactive writing exercises

It is not easy to compose a powerful text without experience. Online platforms offer many different exercises on prewriting, organising, outlining, summarizing. Such interactive tasks are interesting and inspiring, so this experience will make the writing process a real pleasure.

  1. Check readability and uniqueness

It is great if you have anyone to evaluate your final essay draft, but another way to check its readability is to use modern online tools. They will provide you with the readability score and indicate sentences that require paraphrasing.

One more important aspect of every written paper is uniqueness. To prevent any troubles with plagiarism accusations, use plagiarism detection tools to check every essay before you submit it.

  1. Count words and find repetitions

There is also a word limit for academic essays so online tools can show you the number of words in your text and underline any stylistic errors.

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