Know All About 4-year Integrated Teacher Education Program in India

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One of the major mandates of National Education Policy 2020 was 4-year Integrated Teacher Education Program in India, widely known as ITEP. Interestingly, the Ministry of Education manifested the program by announcing its inception in October 2021. Here we share all about the Integrated Education Program meant mainly for school teachers –

What is Integrated Teacher Education Program?

Integrated Teacher Education Program or ITEP is a dual-major Bachelor’s degree where basic BA, BSc. and B. Com degrees will be integrated with B.Ed. This will be a dual holistic bachelor’s degree where the candidate will save 1 year and be teacher trained in 4 years instead of 5 years. Currently, candidates pursue 2-year B.Ed program after completing their 3-year graduation program.

What is the ITEP Curriculum?

The Ministry of Education under NCTE – National Council for Teacher Education has formulated ITEP’s curriculum in a way that it not only qualifies a candidate to obtain a degree in Education but also in specialised discipline such as Science, Arts, Commerce, History, Mathematics etc.

Besides, establishing a foundation in ECCE – Early Childhood Care and Education, FLN – Foundational Literacy and Numeracy along with an understanding of the country and its tradition, values and ethos among others.

 How to Get Admissions in 4-year Integrated Teacher Education Program in India?

The NTA (National Testing Agency) through NCET (National Common Entrance Test) will carry out admissions for ITEP. Starting from 2030, the 4-year ITEP will be the minimal degree qualification for school teachers across India.

Which Institutes Will Offer Integrated Education Course in India?

ITEP will be offered by multidisciplinary institutions in India. Initially in the pilot mode the course will run in selected 50 multidisciplinary institutions across various parts of India.

From Which Academic Year Will the Four-Year ITEP Begin?

The Four-year Integrated Teacher Education Bachelor Program will commence from the academic session 2022-23

What are the Job Options After Successfully Completing the 4-year ITEP course?

All the candidates that successfully complete this integrated four-year program will be eligible to teach at different stages of the school education system in India according to the design of 5+3+3+4 pattern as recommended in NEP 2020.

The 4-year Integrated Teacher Education Program is in compliance with Para 15.5 of NEP 2020 that offers graduation with certain specialization.

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