Know Everything about American Society for Microbiology, its General Meeting and International Programs

American Society for Microbiology is a platform where members can connect with a community of scientists who have achieved great heights when it comes to discovery. In addition, these members can also contribute to the progression of microbiology. Started in 1899, this community was initially called as Society of American Bacteriologists. Later it was renamed in December of 1960 to American Society for Microbiology – ASM.


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About American Society for Microbiology – ASM

ASM is the largest and oldest organization in the world which deals with life science membership. It had only 59 members when it started in 1899 and today it has around 40,000 members. Around one third of its members come from outside America. There are about 26 disciplines of microbiological specialization in the ASM and the members represent them. The society for microbiology publishes twelve journals every year. Besides, they have a monthly magazine called Microbe.

What is the Eligibility to become a member of ASM?

Anybody who holds a bachelor degree in microbiology or related field is eligible for full membership of ASM. Student membership is also available where a matriculated pupil of microbiology or any other close field can avail the membership.  Besides, there are also different membership facilities for transitional scientists and postdoctoral candidates.

What happens in the General Meeting of ASM?

American Society for Microbiology conducts three meetings every year. The one that takes place in May is a general meeting. In this meeting, microbiologist across the world come and exchange facts, information, data, and even try to seek knowledge about several scientific disciplines. This year the annual general meeting will take place in between May 30 to June 2 in New Orleans. This will be the 115th meeting of this community for microbiology. In the meeting you can gain insights from the best professionals in the world of Microbiology. This year the main agenda of the meeting is – Diagnostic Microbiology and Epidemiology Program. 

If you want to submit a proposal to the general meeting session you can directly send it to the committee – Proposals. In case you cannot attend the entire general meeting, you can also attend for a single day. There are several Facebook Groups for International Members of ASM. 

The International Program of ASM

Not just in the United States, the American Society for Microbiology makes sure that it organizes a good amount of activities to back several research in microbiology all across the globe. The main goal of the International board of ASM is to promote these activities by formulating programs in order to meet the requirements of the international members. What’s more ASM also builds International Labs in resource limited nations to promote clinical microbiology.

Some of the International Programs of American Society for Microbiology include:

ASM International Ambassadors Program

ASM International Mentoring Program

International Grants and Fellowships

ASM Volunteer Translators Network

ASM International Lab Capacity Building (LabCap)

ASM Global Outreach Program

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