Bachelor of Design: Get Your Wings of Creativity

Have you always been fascinated by creativity? How can a few colours turn a white paper into a beautiful painting or how engineers design stylish cars every year? Or it is about the architecture of a building that leaves you bewildered with its beauty? No matter which form of designing attracts you, if your answer is yes to all these questions, seems like you already know about your passion.

Thankfully, the education of modern times has evolved a lot and given significant importance to such a creative career. New courses have been introduced by renowned colleges to train students in various designing fields. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Bachelor Of Design: Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Design: Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Design: Product Design
  • Bachelor of Design: Jewelry Design
  • Bachelor of Design: Graphic Design Communication
  • Bachelor of Design: Industrial Design

In case you are interested in applying for a bachelor of design degree but are not sure of your decision, we have the answers right below. Take a look!

5 Ways Bachelor of Design Gives You Wings of Creativity Along with Success:

Imparts In-Depth Knowledge of the Designing Field

A bachelor in design course aims not just to develop a vast number of skills in students but also imparts deep knowledge about the fundamentals of the designing field. In this process, your talent also gets refined, and you become a professional ready to work in the corporate world of designing.

Apart from the theoretical knowledge, you are also exposed to practical details of the sector and you gain expertise in each and every aspect of the designing field. All the knowledge and skill further enhance your value as a designer and make you a suitable candidate for exciting opportunities.

Not Just Skills but Qualification Too

Associated with point 1, this one is as crucial as any other thing that your B. Des course offers you after its completion. With a degree in hand, you get the certification of being a qualified designer. This gives your skills credibility, and people are keen to hire you.

However, make sure that you pursue this course from reputed college to get an extra edge over other designing graduates.

Working in Dream Company

A person who opts for a design course during graduation certainly has a dream of working in top firms. After graduation, students become eligible to apply for such firms and fulfil their dreams. Some of the top firms that hire B. Des students are:

  • IBM
  • Ashok Leyland
  • Adidas
  • Adobe
  • Tanishq
  • TATA Motors

Not just this but if you wish to start something of your own in this field, B. Des course will help you lay down a strong foundation.

Earning A Decent Pay Scale

If you have the skills and a degree from reputed college, chances are lucrative that you can get an impressive salary package as well. Some college like UPES also go the extra mile to help their students get excellent placements with impressive packages from the campus itself.

Not just this, but even if you wish to take the entrepreneurial road, you will definitely reap fruits of success after some time.

Stepping Stone to Bigger Opportunities

Bachelor of Design not only opens doors of amazing opportunities; it also makes you eligible to apply for higher studies. By acquiring a postgraduate degree, your value and skills get a strong boost to amplify your career growth. You can begin your career from the managerial posts or even start your designing venture with much more confidence.

Wrapping Up

Read it all? Well, we’re sure that you know how a B. Des can give wings to your dreams. Now, all you need to do is grab a seat any of the top colleges or universities. Notably, many institutions conduct entrance exams to offer seats to talented students. So apply soon and prepare hard for the exam. All the best!

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