Queen’s League Golden Awards 2021 – Recognizing, Rewarding & Honouring Beauty Queens!

Queen's League Golden Awards 2021
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It takes a lot of guts, efforts and courage for any girl/woman in India to come out of the cocoon, beat all the stereotypes and then finally live their dreams ‘for real’ – despite all the hurdles coming their way. The journey of Indian girls/woman walking into the glam world and becoming a ‘Beauty Queen’ is no different either. Queen’s League Golden Awards 2021 is a step forward to recognize, reward and honour such achievers who inspire millions of girls across the nook and corner of India.  

The Purpose, the Goal and the Cause of the Initiative

Bringing all the Queens across India (both title as well as sub-title holders) under a single roof, Vishal Kapoor (VK), the founder and curator of the Award highlights that the aim of the ‘Queen’s League Golden Award’ is to facilitate a platform for these ‘highfliers’ with a dignity walk.

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Valuing every Queen’s phenomenal journey and achievement in an event that is neither a pageant nor a competition, VK wants to celebrate and honour their accomplishments – empowering not just young prodigies but also igniting the flame of passion in ladies out there so that they live their dream without any hesitation.

Vishal Kapoor - Panache Image Awards 2021

Queen’s League Golden Awards 2021 is in amalgamation with Panache Image Awards 2021 by Vishal Kapoor. While 2021 introduces Queen’s League Golden Award, it witnesses the 3rd edition of Panache Image Awards honouring the works of people across various fraternities including TV, Bollywood, Entertainment, Media & Business.

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Introducing The 17 Beauty Queens Being Rewarded at the Queen’s League Golden Awards 2021

  • Queen Simran Ahuja, Ms India 2013
  • Queen Shona Rajput, Mrs. Femina Congeniality 2020
  • Queen Elakshi Gupta, Mrs. India Globe 2015
  • Queen Rupali Sawant, Mrs. India Empress 2018
  • Queen Ketaki Jani, Mrs. Universe Women of Confident 2018
  • Queen Pooja Vyaas, Mrs Tiara India International 2018
  • Queen Nandni Gupta, Mrs. Allure India 2019
  • Queen Shreejita Banerjee, Mrs India Universe 2019
  • Queen Soumya Singh, Mrs. Earth Universe 2021
  • Queen Dipika Raval, Mrs. + Universe 2021
  • Queen Nishtha Vats, Mrs. World Wide India 2019
  • Queen Aashaa Deopa, Mrs. Raigad 2019
  • Queen Swati Lanke, Mrs. Maharashtra Best Makeover Iconic Diva 2020
  • Queen Suverna Govil, Mrs. Maharashtra Iconic Diva 1st Runner Up 2020
  • Queen’s Li’l Princess: Nischita Pradhan, Miss Showstoper 2020
  • Queen’s Li’l Princess: Hansinee Pradhan, Miss Chandrabhaga 2019

Managing a perfect balance between prettiness, intelligence and their resilience to transform the society for better, each of the 17 beauty queens have a distinct story to tell – a story of victory over several domains. Interestingly, their unique story finds a mention in an exclusive coffee table book.

More Power to the Spirit of Womanhood

Motivating ambition, empowering confidence and inspiring female leaders into the future, the honour in the form of ‘Queen’s League’ is nothing but Vishal Kapoor’s way to celebrate each of these epitomes of ‘Beauty with Brains’ diligently – paving a way to build a realm where girls/women have the freedom to be exactly ‘the person’ they want to be and express themselves in the manner that feels most genuine to them.

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We really appreciate this unique initiative by Bollywood Fashion Designer VK and hope to see more such awards devoted to the perennial spirit of womanhood – What do you think?

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