Interesting Facts about Rani Sumitra – Dashrath’s Wisest Queen!

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King Dashrath had 3 Queens – Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. While, Kaushalya was the eldest, Kaikeyi, was the second and Rani Sumitra was the youngest Queen of Maharaja Dashrath. Though we know a lot about Kaushalya and Kaikeyi, there is little information about Rani Sumitra

Here we share few lesser known and interesting facts about Raja Dashrath’s youngest queen:


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Rani Sumitra Was a Kashi Princess

Maharaj Dashrath married Kashi Naresh’s daughter Sumitra and brought her to Ayodhya. Kashi is present day Benaras/Varanasi. While, many assume that Rani Sumitra was Maharaj Dashrath’s second wife, she was actually the third wife.  She later gave birth to twins – Lakshman and Shatrughan.

She Was the Wisest of All the Queens

Maharaj had three wives. However, the wisest was Rani Sumitra. This is the reason why Maharaj Dashrath used to discuss a lot of things with her. Interestingly, she was the first one to realize that Ram is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The Wise Rani Asked Her son Lakshman to Accompany Ram in the Vanvas

Though we do not see this scene in Indian TV serials, it is a fact that the Rani encourages her son Lakshman to accompany his elder brother Ram during his 14 year exile.

Why Twins Were Born to Rani Sumitra?

When Mahraja Dashrath feared that he will not have any male heir, Rishi Vashisht organized a yagya and gave a plate full of sweets to both, Kaikeyi and Kaushalya. They were asked to share their plate with Rani Sumitra. This is the reason why Kaikeyi and Kaushalya were blessed with one son and Sumitra was blessed with twins. Moreover, this is the reason why each of the twins was committed to other Rani’s son – Lakshman was committed to Ram and Shatrughan to Bharath.

Currently, in the serial Siya Ke Ram, the role of Queen Sumitra is essayed by Sampada Vaze

Source and Reference:

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