All About the Secret Society of Emperor Ashoka – The Nine Unknown Men

emperor ashoka secret society the nine unknown men

As per the legends, after conquering Kalinga (the modern-day Orissa), Emperor Ashoka founded a secret society as integrating rebellious people into the society became his priority.

Ashoka found out that, scientific and technological breakthroughs were often put to evil uses especially in war. This is the reason why natural science during his reign was vowed to secrecy.

This made him create the secret group – The Nine Unknown Men.

The Function of the Secret Society of Emperor Ashoka

The main function of these Nine Unknown Men was to develop and preserve any and every type of secret data that would be dangerous in the hands of the layman, the ignorant.

Each of these nine men were given the task of holding a specific book of knowledge. Interestingly, some of these special books even had the secrets of time travel and anti-gravity.

The secret of the Nine Unknown was known to the world only in 1923 when Talbot Mundy, a member of the British police force in India wrote a book – The Nine Unknowns.

In his book, Talbot Mundy revealed how Emperor Ashoka’s society had a synthetic language and the fact that each of the 9 members of the society possessed 1 book that was constantly updated, rewritten, and contained detailed narration and accounts of a particular scientific subject.

1. The very first book dealt with techniques of psychological warfare.

“The most dangerous of all sciences is that of moulding mass opinion, because it would enable anyone to govern the whole world,” according to Mundy.

2. The second volume of the society focused on physiology and explained how to kill a person merely by touching him. This was “the touch of death,” by reversal of a nerve impulse.

It is believed that Judo (a martial art) is a result of “leakages” from this book.

3. The third book focused on biotechnology and microbiology.

4. The fourth revolved around transmutation of metals and alchemy.
According to theories and legend, during the times of severe drought and calamities, religious relief organizations received donations of gold in large quantities from a secret source.

5. The fifth book included the study of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial things. This means that the Nine Unknown Men were well aware of the presence of the alien.

6. The sixth volume focused on gravity and also gave out the secrets on how to make the ancient Vedic vimana (aerospace technology).

7. The seventh book talked about matters of the Universe and cosmogony.

8. The eighth book contained all about aspects like ‘light’ as well as speed and had instructions on how to use the same as a weapon.

9. The ninth, and the final book talked about sociology. It discussed the rules for the evolution of societies.

The number of the Unknown Men was always nine. Their undisguised contacts with the outside world was few.

Emperor Ashoka felt that if these nine books fall in the right hands of someone who believes in the welfare of mankind, it could totally change the face of the planet. On the other hand, if it gets in the wrong hands, it could destroy the world. This fear of the made him keep all of this a heavily-guarded secret.

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