All You Wanted to Know about Short Stay Schengen Visa (90 Day or Less)

From the eco-friendliest countries in the world to some of the most beautiful heritage sites, wines, luxury resorts, and travelers conclude to the edge of the cradle of western civilization – Greece. You will find yourself craving for more enticing destinations in the west part of Eurasia.

There was a time when five countries in Europe designed a treaty that enabled 26 countries to be traversed easily. Today, the agreement entirely changes the course of history, especially to travelers and people in the business industry. Anyone can visit transact businesses and roam freely in several countries of Europe. And all you need is a schengen visa.

What is a Short Stay Schengen Visa?

Some places in Europe don’t allow easy access to individuals residing outside Schengen areas. Individuals who want to explore and do business agendas in Europe may undergo an extensive process of requirements, submission of documents, and attend interviews. One way to avoid this and have the authorization to transport via airplanes and trains is by obtaining a short stay Europe visa.

You can consider schengen visa as a short stay visa that allows you to visit Europe up to 90 days for tourism and business purposes in 26 Schengen areas without border limitations.

The Countries that Come Under Schengen Area

Presently, the Schengen area comprises of 26 member countries including 22 EU member states and 4 members of EFTA . They are: Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Austria, France, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Malta, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, Iceland, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy, Liechtenstein, Poland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, and Sweden.

3 Kinds of Schengen Visa

There are about 14.6 million tourists who applied for a visa in the year 2017. And last year, 95.1% of applicants have been approved by embassies. There are about multiple proven countries who have garnered the most accessible country to apply for a short-stay visa. And these countries include Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and Greece.

This travel visa is granting permission for travelers who want to explore Europe for leisure, educational travel, and work. There are three kinds of Schengen travel visa such as;

  • Uniform Schengen Visa
  • National Visas, and
  • Limited Territorial Validity Visas

The Uniform Schengen Visa allows you to reside or transit in one of the Schengen countries for a certain period of time (maximum of 90 days) every 6-month period starting from the entry date.

The National Visa is approved to individuals who are to be working, studying or permanently residing in any one of the Schengen states.

The Limited territorial validity visa permits you to travel only in the state that has allotted the visa or in states that has been specifically mentioned when applying for the Schengen visa.

You will also be asked for a brief interview solely about the credibility and preciseness of your application. For first time travelers flying to the embassies for application, it is necessary to keep all your original documents handy together with the following requirements:

  • Income tax returns for the last three years
  • Appointment letter
  • Proof of legal entity of institutions

Purposes of Getting a Schengen Visa

Traveling Europe is not just the only reason why you would want to obtain a Schengen visa. You can also use it for several purposes, such as the following:

  1. Medical reasons. If you have a recommendation from a doctor to travel to Europe and get treated, you can easily do so using this kind of visa. Any countries covered by this visa can accommodate your health needs within 180 days.
  1. Business. Using the Schengen visa, it is easier to travel from country to country without having the embassy stop you.
  1. Study purposes. Students who want to study a short-term course in Europe can pursue it within a three-month period.

If you are planning to travel to Europe hassle-free, it is best to apply for these visas as soon as possible.

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