Simple Hacks To Save Air Conditioner Electricity Consumption

Nowadays, it’s near to impossible for us to spend summers without air conditioner. We have made our body, habitual for these cooling products. In the present climate, it’s hard to survive not being under A/C.

Air conditioners are the most efficient way to cool ourselves down and they are now cost-effective also. But we can’t control the amount of energy they are eating and costing you your money. Invention of energy efficient air conditioners are proved to be a blessing in disguise. So, your energy bill doesn’t catch hike.

People spend around half of their income in paying energy bills. This being the case, you might be looking for a way to cut down on the amount of energy you use to cool your home. It’s better for the environment, and it will certainly be better for your bank account.


It’s important to find the most efficient air conditioner for your home, because selecting the wrong air conditioning solution can add significantly to your energy consuming costs. When it comes to air conditioning, you can find many different types to choose from, and it can be hard to figure out which is the most efficient.

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Window Air Conditioners

Window A/Cs are the most basic and common type of air conditioners. Window units are easy because they can be easily fit through your window. These A/Cs are usually perfect choice for renters as its to install them or uninstall as well.

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The energy consumption of window units are lower comparatively to other kinds of air conditioners. There can be wide variance in efficiency among different models, so it is considered to look at it and follow your choice.

Split system or wall hung A/Cs

Split system is the most common A/C type they  are particularly air found in every 2nd house. Split systems are great for cooling your whole house. They also can cover large area or lobby of your house as they contain both outdoor and indoor unit. But they cost more money and installation money as compared to other or window installed A/Cs.

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Wall Hung Split conditioners are normally more efficient than either Window or Portable units. What important is to understand that each model in the market is different, so it is essential to seek out the right option for you.

Split system air conditioners can also come as ‘Multi-Split’ or ‘Multi-Head’ systems, which allow you to have various indoor units attached to the single outdoor unit. This allows you to cool and heat multiple rooms in your residence at the same time, oftentimes allowing you to select different temperatures in the different rooms. It’s important to note that while this provides greater choice and comfort, it also consumes more energy than just the single unit option.

Ducted Air Conditioning

This is the most efficient option for available in the residential market. Ducted air conditioning, also known as central air conditioning, involves an internal fan coil in the roof space that is connected and attached to each conditioned room or zone of the house through ducts.

The price of installation of ducted air condition depends on various factors. For example, size of the area that needs to be cooled helps in determining the size of the duct.


Advancements in technology and higher standards for energy savings have been improved the performances of air conditioners. The Energy Efficiency of air conditioners is measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating system. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the air conditioner is.

Installing an energy efficient air conditioner has following advantages :-

  • Superior performance – The more energy efficient your AC system is, the more advance its features are. Some energy efficient Carrier air conditioners are equipped with variable-speed compressors that can run at as low as 25 percent capacity—while keeping your home perfectly comfortable.
  • Longer lifespan – because of their increased efficiencies, energy efficient air conditioners cycle on and off less frequently and tend to have less wear and tear over time. And because they perform so well, they don’t need to be replaced as soon or as often as less efficient systems.
  • Lower energy bills – the more energy-efficient your air conditioner is, the more you’ll save in energy costs over the life of the system. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a new, increased efficiency air conditioner can reduce the energy you use for cooling your home up to 20-50 percent.
  • Environment-friendly refrigerant – air conditioners manufactured after 2010 no longer use ozone-damaging refrigerant. Instead they are equipped with R410a, which is safer for the environment.
  • Complete Climate Control – after investing in energy efficient air conditioning, you will have more control over the temperature of your home as you can lower or make higher the temperature. A/C units can be equipped with programmable thermostats, that are instrumental in controlling cooling costs and improvising comfort. Many programmable thermostats come with smartphone applications so you can turn on the A/C before you get home or turn it off when you leave. This makes it easier to control your air conditioners.
  • Cooling is quite and sleek – energy efficient cooling systems are designed to make less noise and fit accordingly in your home’s layout. By choosing the best optimized air conditioning system you are improving your indoor air quality.

Is It Worth Buying An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner?

Yes, it of-course is. As we all know energy efficient air conditioner can help us to cut our cost to over few extent. But what we know is it depends on 2 questions;

a) does investing in energy efficient ACs are paying you the cash in reduced electricity bills?

b) Or do you spend less upfront on a cheap air conditioner, and deal with the larger power bills when they come?

Many people will choose the latter because they don’t want to take that big hit to their bank balance, or perhaps they just can’t visualize the long-term benefits of owning an air conditioner that’s cheaper to run. This totally depends on your needs how or where you install your AC. How much area you want to cover under that AC.

Something that is also worth considering is the environmental impact of running a less energy-efficient air conditioner appliance. Sure, you get to keep an extra couple of cash in your hip pocket when you buy your air conditioner unit, but what price do you put on all those warm, fuzzy environmentally-feelings?

Overall there are a lot of factors at play when it comes to deciding what air conditioner to buy. The safest piece of advice is to consider your budget and then take your train forward.

Ways to Minimize Your Air Conditioner Electric Consumption

The way you use your air conditioner is as important as what brand and what model you want to buy. There are few tips to maximize your energy efficiency:-

  • Turn off all the lights and bulbs as they radiate more heat so your AC will take time eliminate heat from your room.
  • Turn off the AC after your room is sufficiently.
  • It is important to match your AC temperature with weather temperature.
  • Turning on the ceiling fans will circulate the air inside the room.
  • Fully and properly insulate and seal any point where an A/C unit enters your house. A poorly seated window unit can let in more hot air than your unit can cope with.
  • If you have window units, try to keep them clean at regular intervals. That will help your units to run properly.
  • Fully and properly insulate the area where the unit is installed. Cover it and seal it with something.

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If you buy an AC with lower than required capacity then it will consume a lot more energy to provide proper cooling. Lower capacity units may save you on capital cost, but it will increase the electricity consumption and also decrease the life span of the device which you have installed in your house.

If you buy an AC with a higher than required capacity, you will end up paying more for the purchase, getting the large electricity bills. Knowing about the right tonnage is key to getting the most bang for your buck.

So, it’s important you understand your need and the area you want to fit your AC in.


Air conditioners has become quite an essential part of our daily life. However, since it comes with a price including the bill it generates, choosing the right one is extremely important. Going for energy efficient air conditioners is the most optimal choice in today’s time. Choose wisely and enjoy your summer calmly.

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