An Ode to All Types of Friends on This Friendship Day!

Happy Friendship Day - Cheers!
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‘Friendship’ – It is the only relationship that is never overrated. By nature, it is a motley of varied texture, depth and contours. Interestingly, it is the family that we choose by our will, heart and soul unlike our relatives who are a part of our lives by fate.

Now, friendship can be bucketed into many categories. While, they may not strike similar chord but still have a life of their own.

Growing Up Friends

School and neighbourhood friends. Easily the best of lot – purest in form, uninhibited fun and create the fondest memories, be it on playground or in classroom. It is not every day that we meet them but whenever we do, magic begins all over again.


Adolescent Friends

College and Graduation friends. These tend to become our lifelong anchors because we share a journey together from our teenage days to our adulthood. They are part of our adventures as well as our undoing. What’s interesting is the fact that we do feel competitive around them and can be each other’s worst critic. However, this friendship evolves and matures with time just like a fine wine. It has bits and pieces of everything just like a Bollywood Dramedy.

Party Friends

Set of friends (some can be friends of friends) that works for you as a group than an individual though there can be one to one connect as well. Movies, pubs, trying out a new food place or sometimes an overnight outing happens together. They are sweet momentarily exits from life and provides us a happy high. They are gun and don’t judge, don’t care kind of friends.

Office Friends

We share misery and long hours together, hence some tomes strike a bond closer than we anticipate. Tea breaks and lunches help us bond beyond drudgery.

Office Friends

Best Friend

This is the trickiest and normally sub set of the above – one we cannot live without, one we get protective and possessive about, and the one we hate to share at times. It’s complicated and emotions treads along fine line. We want them by our side always!

Best Friend

3 am Friend

The one friend you have major emotional and intelligent connect with – the one who is unconditionally there for you at every moment of life. Just one dial away. Any topic under the sun is in the radar of discussion – philosophical, personal and sometimes our deepest secrets. We have each other’s back and an unspeakable bond. If we ever plan a solo trip, this is one friend want to go with- find peace with them.

3am friend

We can have friends who are a combination of above – rare but do exist. Connection is often at a platonic level. They become part of us and if they ever walk away, part of us goes away with them forever.

It’s also true that not all friendships survive the test of time and not all friends are forever. Often, as we evolve with age, we grow out to be individuals with different outlooks which is why we might become indifferent towards them – Not feeling the same way as we felt earlier. There is nothing right or wrong about it. With no connection, it is better to move on carrying the cheerful memories while wishing the best for them.

However, no matter what type of friend it is, a hug, a hand around the shoulder, a heart to heart conversation over a beer/coffee makes all the difference. Perhaps this is the reason why they say – Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai!

So, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, take a moment out and let that friend know what he or she means to you. Happy Friendship Day!!

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