Anger Management: 10 Ways to Control Anger

anger management
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Managing anger is an extremely important skill that every professional individual should acquire. While it is completely natural to feel anger, one can manage the ways they can express it. Left unchecked, anger can ruin relationships, mental health, and social standing of an individual.

Anger Management: Check out the following ways on how to control anger?

  1. Whenever you feel angry, take a few deep breaths. Mindful breathing has a host of benefits, including regulation of bodily functions, an increase in good biochemical levels, and, most importantly, it clears the mind. It helps in bringing attention to oneself and how and what they really feel.
  1. Meditation and other mindfulness practices are helpful in controlling anger. With regular practice, one can master the art of meditation easily. There are a lot of ways to do it and they all have some kind of benefits. Meditation helps to manage the chaos of “thinking and planning” in the head and helps people to be centered and present in the moment.
  1. If one feels a sudden burst of anger towards something or someone, counting down from 10 to 1 is a very beneficial practice. It helps the individual think rationally, calm down, and attend to the person or issue or situation more calmly and critically. 
  1. Stretching and exercising regularly can help anyone in managing their anger. With regular exercise, the pent up energy in the body finds a way out. Any irritation or bodily discomfort is soothed and managed by exercise. This ultimately means that the body is better prepared to take on stress and won’t snap easily.

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  1. Listening to music is one of the best things one can do. Music has been proven to be a therapeutic tool to deal with anger. Some favorite and calm, soothing tunes can help the individual feel the extent of anger and help in letting it go. Listening to music in an emotionally choked up state can prove to be cathartic.
  1. If there is a fight between individuals and things start heating up, it is better to hold your tongue. If one stops talking, it means that they are thinking. If two people just angrily keep talking to each other, the anger is bound to increase. If both of them keep quiet, there are chances they will calm down in some time by themselves. At least they won’t be instigating one another.
  1. Writing about the things that are potential triggers of anger is one way to prepare for the event of anger. If an individual is prepared and knows what triggers them to get angry, they can select their responses towards the triggers beforehand. It makes them best suited to deal with any unfortunate events that might come their way.

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  1. Talking to a confidante, a friend, or even a mentor can be cathartic as well as beneficial in the long term. Their valuable suggestions and advice can clear the confusion in mind. They can take care of the anger and transform it into a learning experience. They can comfort the angry person and make sure that they calm down.
  1. Research has proven that practicing gratitude makes the person better equipped to deal with anger. A lot of anger or resentment is born out of things that are ‘unreachable’ or ‘unexpected.’ By practicing gratitude towards the things that are available or the people or resources around, one is happier, stress-free, and grateful because they can see how much they have, instead of focusing on the things they don’t.

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  1. Creative arts such as painting, sketching, dancing, and making music can help an individual channel that energy of anger into something productive. The energy that is troubling when left inside can prove to be beneficial if applied to something creative.

Follow the above ten steps on anger management and you can deal with your anger efficiently.

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