Angry Birds Game: A Revolution in Online Gaming Industry

Right from its introduction in December 2009, Angry Birds has achieved a lot of fame, reputation and popularity. With approximately two billion downloads across various platforms, the online game has become one of the most popular downloadable application.

No doubt because of the splendid recognition, the revolutionary game is also termed as one of the most mainstream games out at the present.


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Angry Birds – One of the Most Downloaded Games

One of the major aspect in the popularity of this well-known game is its mass appeal. No matter how old the players are, everyone enjoys the entertaining, challenging and relaxing, “Angry Birds”. As you might know, the aim of the game is to shoot and spurt out the bird on the screen and blow up a structure. Once all the pigs are purged out and the structure is knocked down, you can then move forward to the next level. 

In case you get stuck in a particular level, there are special “Angry Birds Walkthrough”, a tutorial which allows  you to easily complete levels and eventually the entire game very easily – making it convenient for kids, young people and also adults to triumph over the game’s most complicated boards in absolutely no time.

A product of Finnish Computer, Finland the game has been developed by Rovio Mobile and is available for almost all types of platforms on various devices such as mobile phones, PC and Playstations. iOS, Android, Symbian 3, Mac OS X, Windows Phone 7, Google Chrome, Blackberry Tablet OS, Maemo, HP web OS, MaeGO, webGL, PSP Playstation 3, name it and you’ll find it. Not to forget, the internet and mobile revolutionary game rules social networking sites, Facebook and Google Plus too. Easily accessible and available, the game is becoming a trend and almost everyone who plays online games, enjoy this superb puzzle video game of slingshots, wingless red angry bird and cartoon piggies.

Angry Birds Series

From “ Angry Birds ” to “ Angry Birds Season ” followed by “Angry Birds Rio ”, “Angry Birds Space”, ” Angry Birds Star Wars “, ” Angry Birds Star Wars II “, ” Angry Birds Go!” , ” Angry Birds Epic “, ” Angry Birds Transformers “,”  Angry Birds Fight! ” and now ” Angry Birds 2 “ all the updates has been gaining popularity from the day of release. As per Rovio, gamers across various platforms log more than five million hours of their game time each day.

Angry Birds Making History and Breaking Records

Chronically when observed, the game was on the top-selling paid app on Apple’s App store in February, 2010 precisely two months later the release. After the release, the free version has been downloaded 11 million times on the Apple store. The android version was also not less remarkable.  Within 24 hours, the strategy video game was downloaded more than 1 million.

After the release, the free version has been downloaded 11 million times on the Apple store. The android version was also not less remarkable.  Within 24 hours, the strategy video game was downloaded more than 1 million times, despite the site crashed due to the excessive load Rovio earns $1 million approximately per month from Google Adsense in the free version, which clearly explains the game’s popularity on the Android market.

Angry Birds Merchandise, Comics & Theme Games

The game is slowly creating a wide impact offline too. Well, Rovio has been marketing “Angry Birds” sweatshirts, toys, accessories, theme parks, soda brands and even cookbooks. In fact, 30% of the company’s revenue come from merchandising – revealing its success and popularity simultaneously.

Macworld’s Chris Holt calls Angry Bird, “A clever, addictive and challenging puzzle”. On the other hand, Keith Andrew of Pocket Gamer says, “Angry Birds is a nugget of puzzling purity dished out with relish a plenty”. Besides positive reviews, the radical online game has bagged many awards including “App of the Year” and “Best Game App” in April 2011 at the Appy Awards, UK.

The history of the game is splendid and so is the present, but the future will be more effective and marvelous as the company plans to come up with more improved and creative versions that is sure to enlighten millions of fans. Keep playing guys as the bird-pig drama has much more to unfold in future!

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