Arnab vs Kunal Kamra: When Law is Applied Selectively, it is not Justice but Being Bias

So here are two videos.

Video 1:

– A Republic TV reporter on board an airline with a cameraman and a mic keeps pestering Tejaswi Yadav for a comment.
– The passenger next to Tejaswi objects, the Republic TV reporter continues
– The Crew can be seen asking the Reporter to take her place, the Reporter persists.
– Tejwasi himself can be heard saying, “This is not the right place”, the Reporter continues.
Republic TV praises their reporter for this “brave” act.
– Arnab Goswami himself praises the reporter.

Posted by Darshan Mondkar on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Video 2: Arnab vs Kunal Kamra

– Kunal Kamra with a phone camera asks Arnab to answer this questions
– Arnab does not answer
– Kunal persists
– Crew asks him to stop, he does
– Minister of Civil Aviation Hardeep Singh Puri issues an advisory to ban Kunal Kamra
– Indigo bans Kunal from flying for 6 months
– Air India bans Kunal from flying till further notice, though it is not sure how long they will be flying for 
Spice Jet bans Kunal from flying till further notice

I understand that pestering someone for a comment in an airplane is not the right thing to do, however rules should apply equally for everyone.

It did not take the Minister of Civil Aviation more than a few hours to issue an advisory to the airlines and the airlines to follow it without proper procedure.

Would they have done this for you and me?? No. Why not? Answer this for yourself.

If what Kunal Kamra did ensures him on the No-Fly list for 6 months then the Republic TV needs to be on the No-Fly list for an year.

Is this Whataboutery?? No !!! This is uniform justice and one law for everyone.

Even in Courts, case numbers are cited to establish precedence. The judge does not call it “Whataboutery”

When law is applied selectively, it is not justice, its a bias.

Does one wrong undo the other? Hell no, it doesn’t. This is not a defense of what Kunal did.

But when someone like Arnab sends his entire staff shoving mics in the faces of unwilling people to get a rise out of them, it is high time the same is done to them to show them how it feels.

It is high time that “Journalists” like Arnab Goswami are shown the mirror so that they realize the immense harm that they are causing the nation by their selective reporting and constant hate-peddling on their respective channels.

Getting on the No-Fly list is a small price to pay for it.

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