Trying to Evade the Issue of Rape Is a Crime Against Humanity

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The last few days have been really trying for most of us.

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We saw a number of rapes, horrific and blood-curdling rapes, happening across India.

We saw a number of people rising to defend the rapists rather than stand by the victims.

It was almost as if everyone in India woke up and decided to go crazy.

I saw many people, who have been quite vocal on social media, have mood swings from outrage to disappointment to over anxiety to downright depression.

And to all those people I would like to say this:

These are tough times for every one of you. It is not as if rapes are a new thing for India. 100s of rapes happen every day in India and not all of them are reported or get the media support that some get.

You people, every one of you, who have been voicing out your outrage against rapes, whether it is on social media or in real life, you are being a part of this fight against rapes.

Whether you are simply changing your display picture, or forwarding a post, or writing about it, or sharing, liking, commenting on this issue, or taking out a candlelit march, or simply discussing this issue with your friends and families….. you are all a part of this fight and you are all helping spread the word.

There are many people who are actually working on the ground level, helping the rape victims and a special kudos goes out to them.

However, when it comes to spreading awareness, no effort is small and every little bit counts.

In these times, India needs people like you, who do not hesitate to speak out against what is wrong.

Now, we have two options, either we hang our head in shame and shut ourselves away from the world and try and ignore the screams of pain all around us or we keep voicing our outrage against these crimes against humanity.

If you choose the first option, you lose, we lose and India loses. If you choose the second option, we at least stand a fighting chance to correct the situation.

You are raising your voice for the weak, who are not in a position to raise their voices for themselves.

My humble request to all of you would be to keep speaking, keep raising your voice, for there are many people who do not have the privilege to even do that.

Disclaimer: This post goes out to all those people who are trying to make a difference, in their own way and not those people who are busy defending the rapists. The second kind can just as well go and drown themselves, for all I care !!

This post was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook timeline.

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