Attendance Biometric Machine: How Is It Essential For Password less Authentication?

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The Internet of Things has drastically altered people’s lifestyles. Especially for organizations, the efficient introduction of Biometric Access Systems on a large scale may well be the clearest illustration of the advent of the Internet Of Things.

The very implementation of such technologies allows for the inclusion of acquired biometric data, including Attendance biometric machines, Fingerprints scanning, facial recognition systems, and the like to enable easy access to the system that requires necessary authorization and verification. This perspective could also be interpreted in terms of protection, particularly because this form of system is heavily reliant on self-validation.

Biometric authentication technologies such as attendance biometric machines have already proved to be a game-changer for manual attendance systems. It’s very useful for keeping track of employee attendance records in a well-organized manner and ensuring effective payroll management.

What Is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric authentication makes reference to security practices that use diverse traits such as the retina of the eye, voices, facial characteristics, as well as fingerprints to validate the identity of a user. Biometric authentication is inherently more robust than conventional types of multi-factor authentication since this data is unique to each person.

How does Password Less Authentication work Through Facial Recognition?

Attendance biometric machine with facial recognition allows businesses to validate users’ reliability for routine logins, high-risk transaction data, and a wide range of evolving use cases. Most crucially, it reduces the risk of unauthenticated access because it does not rely on login credentials such as username and passwords that could easily get stolen or misused.

Facial recognition based user identification has several implicit advantages over conventional methods of authentication, such as:

1. Identity Verification

How confident can a business be that the person who has an account set up and is logged in is the actual person who is related to the business?

There are many conventional authentication mechanisms such as KBA and SMS-based 2FA that do not provide adequate identity verification or assurance. Here, business organizations simply cannot believe that someone is who they claim to be due to the rising number of large-scale data breaches and identity fraud. Therefore, it would be unwise and ineffective to do so, even though they have their mailing address and social security number right.

Businesses and stakeholders, including employees, would find facial recognition based attendance biometric machines on being much more convenient, reliable and efficient than conventional methods of identification as the biometric information cannot be copied or hacked.

Facial biometrics also provides a one-stop solution for medium, large-sized organizations with an extensive workforce, and don’t want to unnecessarily spend time, energy, and money on ensuring pin codes and passwords to all stakeholders saving the same investment for core functions.

2. User-Friendliness

Facial recognition based attendance biometric machine are becoming the most common form of authentication, given the widespread fascination with smartphone technologies. Offering an easy-to-use platform without the hassles of multiple parameters, such as attendance biometric machines, simplify the attendance process and saves valuable time for all concerned parties.

3. Detection of Fraud

Since biometric authentication depends on biometric data, which is unique to every individual, it also provides better fraud detection. In addition, facial recognition-based attendance biometric machines have the added advantage of enabling the concerned person to take a photo of themselves, deterring fraudsters who would rather not share their image with the organization they’re attempting to defraud.

Businesses that use biometric authentication, which is becoming more common, have better authentication and therefore render security more seamless for their consumers, leading to higher conversion rates, fraud detection rates, and customer loyalty.

Your Way To Password Less Authentication Ecosystem Made Easy

Among the many, advanced attendance management systems such as  KENT CamAttendance provide new-age solutions to businesses, which functions even in the absence of internet connectivity. Here, an offline mode is leveraged that synchronizes all relevant data to the cloud as soon as the internet connectivity gets back.

Thinking about the numerous benefits that such advanced attendance biometric machines present, organizations must invest in solution from reputable brands like KENT. Their KENT CamAttendance is a touchless attendance solution using Facial Recognition and utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Computer Vision to capture and recognize an employee’s face. Removing all notions of passwords, such as attendance biometric machine, is sure to change the future of attendance management. So, what are you waiting for? Explore new-age, advanced biometric solutions today!

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