5 Reasons Why Automated Dispensing Machines Are the Key to Patient Safety

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Hospitals and medical centers need a better way to manage prescriptions and dispense medication to patients. With increases in medical malpractice cases and further health risks to patients, the automated systems could decrease the risk of dispensing the wrong medication or dosage. They can also provide a safer way to give the patients their medication without placing pharmacy techs or nurses at risk.

Here we share reasons as to why Automated dispensing machines are the key to patient safety –

1. Giving The Correct Dosage

By using the dispensing products, the patient gets the correct dosage each time, and there is no human error that could lead to a negative outcome. The doctor’s orders are entered into the machine and provide the patient with the medication properly.

The hospitals and medical centers could lower their risk of medical malpractice cases by using the machines. Medical administrators can learn more about a medication dispensing machine hospital by contacting a vendor now.

2. Preventing Medical Workers From Tampering With the Medication

Since the medication is loaded into the dispensing machine by an administrator, the medical workers cannot tamper with the medication. The hospitals will not have to worry about any unauthorized access to the medication, and patients will not receive any medication that was not authorized by their doctor.

All medical staff must log in to the system to access the medication, and the machines create a log of all the medical staff’s activities. This makes it easier for administrators to determine how the staff is accessing and using the medication.

3. Preventing Direct Access to Narcotics

Narcotics must be secured at all times, and the hospital must follow practices to limit access to the drugs according to federal regulations. The automated dispensaries make it easier to limit how much narcotics are distributed each day and give the medical center accurate records of prescriptions that are filled by the machine.

The machines fill prescriptions according to the details listed on the prescriptions. It is filled and packaged by the machine, and the drugs are provided to the patient. The automated systems can prevent outsiders from accessing the narcotics at the hospital or pharmacy and stealing them for personal use.

4. Saves Time for Overworked Nursing Staff

Too often the nursing staff is understaffed and overworked. An automated system that dispenses the medication saves them time and gives them the correct dosage. They won’t have to go stand in line to wait for pharmacy techs to fill the prescriptions and give them to the patients. If the automated systems are available at each patient care center, the nurses won’t have to leave the floor to get medication for their patients, and their patients won’t have a long waiting time.

5. Patients Won’t Have to Wait a Long Time for Medication

The automated designs provide faster access to the patient’s medication. For example, the automated dispensing machines could decrease the wait time at pharmacies, and patients could get home quickly. The pharmacies can set up a kiosk for the machines, and the patients will scan their prescriptions into the system. As the information is reviewed, the system fills the prescription according to the doctor’s orders. The patient pays for their prescription and it is dispensed through the machine.

Hospitals and medical centers can review the advantages of automated medication dispensaries. The machines could provide more accurate medication dispensing, and the medical center will face fewer medical malpractice claims. With the machines, there will not be any room for human error, and a tech will not make a mistake when providing medication to the patients.

Image Source: CareFusion Germany 326 GmbH via Wikimedia Commons

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