Interesting Facts About Ayyar, Ayyara and Ayyari from Chandrakanta Novel!

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The novel Chandrakanta was written by Devaki Nandan Khatri (lovingly known as Babu Devakinandan) in 1888. A popular fantasy novel, Chandrakanta is the first prose work in Hindi literature.

Interestingly, the book has certain elements and concepts that have been taken from Persian and Urdu dastans. Here, we’ll focus on those aspects:

Chandrakanta: Aiyari, Ayyar and Ayyara

The art of ayyari, as described by Devki Nandanji is breathtaking. An ayyara (female) or an ayyar (male) is a secret agent who is the epitome of courage, efficiency and finesse. Besides, when it comes to impersonation, ayyars are experts. This means they can easily take another form of human, animal, bird, insect within seconds of same or opposite sex by makeup.

They have all the required traits. In fact, more than that. Well, both ayyar and ayyaras are strong physically and they can handle all sort of weapons. Moreover, they can also dance, sing, play all sort of musical instruments. They also have immense knowledge about medicine, chemistry and fine arts

They are quite confident and so it is often seen that an ayyar and ayyara fearlessly watch the enemy and take enough risks in his lifetime. This is the reason why an ayyar/ayyara can easily defeat an army

Some Unique Traits of Ayyar and Ayyara in Chandrakanta

Far more superior than the prince himself,
Ayyars are not just the jack of all trades, but also the masters of all the trades. Fitness wise, they are so athletic that none of them take a horse to go miles, instead they run and match the pace of the horse.

Besides, the loyalty of an ayyar and an ayyara to their throne is indestructible. This is the reason why an ayyar who changes sides loses his worth and dignity completely.

The members of the ayyari community is highly respectable. This is the reason even if they are captured by the foes, they are neither tortured nor executed. Besides, two of the greatest ethics of the ayyari community is – 1. they never cheat their masters and 2. They do not harm/kill ayyar of the enemy state as well.

Now that the ayyari concept have been adapted from the Persian and Urdu dastans, it is interesting to note that the religion of all the ayyar and ayyara is Islam and they all are Muslims.

The Chandrakanta novel depicts the bravery, importance and cunning tricks by the ayyari community that ultimately turns out to be the real hero the novel. The serial Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta with animation and VFX is showing some awe-inspiring features and tricks of the ayyari community.

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