Best Camera Available Now in Mid-Range Phones

Everyone wants to have good camera phones these days. If you’re seeking a reasonable Smartphone with better camera performance, then here is the valuable information for you. Cameras of smartphones had traveled a long way since years, with many of the features that possess the much better quality of photos produced by smartphones, which have Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), bright lenses, larger sensors,  as well as even optical zoom creating them, even more, better for photography. Yet you don’t need to spend too much to have a better camera in your Smartphone, here we seek for the best camera phones which are available for less than £300 SIM-free.

1. Honor 9

The Honor phones are a component of Huawei’s are more reasonable smartphone range, plus the Honor 9 is a prime smartphone yet at a more affordable price (only hitting the £300 fix). Though it is good but not as smartphones which are discussed below but getting 4.5 stars.

Image by Kar;is Dambran via Flickr

The Honor 9 provides a dual camera smartphone, lots of ram plus storage, a stylish as well as good looking design, and available at a very low rate than you might hope. The dual camera gives a “Hybrid Zoom” providing a 2x zoom, with just a bit loss in image quality. The white, as well as the black camera, takes lavishly sharp plus detailed 20 megapixel images, as well as the noise is well controlled.

Camera Features

12-megapixel color sensor f/2.2 lens, 27mm like 8mp f/2 front camera, 27mm approximate 20mp black plus white sensor f/2.2 lens, 60fps HD video, a 4K video on 30fps along with stereo sound, EIS, Electronic Image Stabilization, 720p video on 120fps,  ISO50-ISO3200

2. Honor 8X

Here the Honor 8X is a superb phone for its rate. The Honor 8X looks plus feels more costly than its price if being examined closely, a few of the features are not quite as better as the phone seems. The second lens creating up the dual rear camera is not best meaning that the blur upshot is not always pointed on, the 4K video mode is not there, the AI will be a bit overzealous, digital zoom is awful plus there’s the bit annoying stuff of a micro USB link. However, on the other part, the Night mode is best, selfies are excellent, the day-to-day image quality is better plus the screen is fair much spot-on. Do not ignore that a Pro-mode is there, also, something which is still missing from Apple! Also, it is a beautiful looking phone which can fool many into thinking it amounts much more than it does.

Taken by Nasi Lemak Tech with AI turned on – via Flickr

Camera Features

Rear dual-lens (20 Mega Pixel f/1.8 + 2MP), 16 Mega Pixel f/2.0 front-facing camera, Pro Mode, Full HD as well as Slo-Mo video (no 4K), Night Mode, AI, ISO50-3200.

3. Nokia 7.1

The Nokia 7.1 has the best display, a dual-camera set-up plus can take 4K video, which are characters you don’t mostly see in pocket-friendly smartphones. Image-wise, they are good yet it’s no surprise when light levels drop, so does the nature of the image you can take.

If you’re seeking for a genius-looking Smartphone, which can take best pictures, with a good display, has 4K video integrated as well as captures best selfies then the Nokia 7.1 can be just only for you. If you desire a better performing phone, it may be the best smartphone for you. To look in detail you can even refer for its reviews.

Camera Features

Rear Camera: 12 mega pixel, f/1.8 main lens plus a 5 mega pixel, f/2.4 side lens, Front Camera: 8mega pixel, f/2.0 (ZEISS optics), 1080p (both cameras), Video: 4K (rear camera), ISO 50-3200, Pro Mode.

4. Nokia 6.1

Just after the Nokia 7.1 the Nokia 6.1 that is more reasonable Smartphone, which is capable of capturing the best images plus excellent video in many situations. Yes, it does try a little in low light as well as when scenes have broad dynamic extent, outcomes can be disappointing yet overall, and it did the best job. In addition, when you review how reasonably worth, it is a truly great Smartphone camera.

If you’re seeking for a genius-looking Smartphone, which can take best photos, has 4K video integrated and captures best selfies then the Nokia 6.1 can only be for you. It is a pocket-friendly Smartphone, which surprised us plus we believe you won’t be upset with how it acts either. 

Camera Features

Rear Camera: 16 mega pixel, 27mm Zeiss lens, Front Camera: 8 mega pixel, f/2.0, Video: 4K (rear camera), 1080p/30fps, f/2.0ISO, 100-3200, Pro mode.

5. Huawei P smart 2019

The best bargain is Huawei P smart 2019, coming in the range £200 mark plus it has a proper camera that is appropriately suited for those who only share pictures to social media. Colors are exact, mainly on sunny days plus there is an AI mode integrated to help you if required. The 8 megapixels f/2.0 wide-hole selfie camera, that has a stable focus lens, also generates pleasing results with best colors as well as the good depth of area when using the blur feature. 4K video isn’t integrated nicely, plus there is no stabilization or shots can look a little shaky. You can take in 1080p, however, at 30fps else 60fps.

If you desire to make a sensible selection when it comes about purchasing a Smartphone, don’t desire to spend hundreds, else even thousands, on a gadget yet still want proper specs, the Huawei P Smart is a great worth considering.

Camera Features

8Mega Pixel f/2.0 wide-eye selfie camera, night mode, 13Mega Pixel f/1.8 rear camera along with a 2MP secondary camera, pro mode, beauty/blur effects, portrait mode, aperture mode, f/0.95-f/16, AI, ISO50-1600, 1080p video.

Thus these are few of the reasonable phones which have a good camera. People searching for it can select among them. The quality is good and the durability of the phone is also high. There is great demand in the market for such kind of phones as everyone cannot purchase phones at a high price. So these kinds of phones get adjusted to your budget.

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