What is the Best Christmas Laser Light?

Christmas is knocking at the door and the vibe of Christmas is getting full of excitement as it is getting closer day by day. Who doesn’t want to celebrate this day without a colorful decoration? I guess no one. And whenever it comes to the Christmas decoration the first thing that hits our mind is to get the best Christmas laser light in the list of the entire decoration. 

The wired lights and other lighting stuffs have become old fashioned nowadays. People are now very tech savvy and tries to choose the most easiest though amazing things to add values to their life, so forth people hardly uses those wired old fashioned lighting for their Christmas decoration.

Lights play a vital role pumping the mood and laser light is the best choice when it comes about the lighting. There are many laser lights sold in the market, so now the question is which is the best Christmas laser light found in the market?. If the same question is poking your mind then this article is definitely for you. In this article we have provided a bunch of laser lights details and hopefully one of those will become the best Christmas laser light for your decoration purpose.

As like other modern amenities laser lights have many features. so before deciding your choice you have to consider the features of the laser lights and get to know that which features will be more useful for your decoration purpose; as example the area of coverage. If the laser light you purchase covers an area of 100 square feet but the actual area of your place is 200 square feet then that laser light is definitely not gonna be the best Christmas laser light for you, as the place will turn pale due to inadequate lighting, and we believe that you definitely don’t want to face a bad situation like that in a joyous day like Christmas. But you don’t worry; in this article we have the perfect solution for you to choose your best Christmas laser light. We have put all the features of the most demanding ten laser lights, easier for you to pick one from those.

The most exciting and best Christmas laser light comparing list for you


It contains 7 lighting modes such as moving, blinking & static with red and green stars optional, simple display your desired lighting modes. Brand new “Blinking Effect” creates a realistic starry sky effect

It has built-in timer. Laser light will automatically power off after 6 hrs and power on after 18 hrs with built-in timer

It gives you gigantic coverage. More than 4000 red & green pin-points, up to 1550 sq feet coverage at 26.25 feet; ETL, FCC &FDA Certified for additional safety, Class IIIa, Laser radiation<5mW

It is very easy to install. Just plug and play, fastest outdoor Christmas lights solution, no ladders, never struggle with ordinary lights, 99%Energy-saving than traditional string lights, Install in minutes

This laser light is sunproof, rainproof, snowproof and dustproof design, IP65 lamp body withstands all kinds of weather. Ideal for your parties and holiday decoration


Designed for indoors and outdoors – you don’t need to go through the trouble of unwrapping and hanging individual strands of Christmas lights. Just place Christmas Laser Light in the ground outside or on the floor inside and enjoy a festive light that never needs to be replaced.

Star and Christmas Tree Patterns – Perfect for creating a festive atmosphere, it projects both red stars and green Christmas trees onto any garden, exterior surface, or interior room.

Broad Application – The laser lights can cover up to 2,100 square feet from a distance of 25 feet and can be set to motion, flashing, or simply stationary. It’s just perfect for your Christmas and holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, and many more.

Built-in Ambient light sensor and Timer Automatic function – It turns on automatically at dusk or turns off automatically at dawn, the laser light turns off/on automatically depending on the light intensity. Also with Automatic Timers function, the laser light will turn off after  hours using and turn on again after 18ours.

Weather Resistance – Rated IP65 light casing, hide it amongst your landscaping without worrying about snow, rain, dust, and intense sunlight.


Premium Quality and Weather Resistant Laser Projector— It uses laser holographic technology found in theme parks to project breathtaking stars onto any surface, Weather resistant to withstand snow, rain and intense sun. This laser light has acquired the certificates of FDA, FCC, ROHS and IP65 which makes one of the best Christmas laser light in the marketplace  Blinking star laser lights shine thousands of shimmering lights onto houses, lawns, patios and more.

Cover Range – Cheriee outdoor laser Christmas Light covers upto 800 square feet and projects up to 100 yards away. It also displays thousands of Green and Red and Blue stars combination, or separated Red / Green / Blue stars Static. Laser will show thousands of points and distribute to tress and lawn and houses.

Easy Installation—It is very easy to install you just plug and play, no ladders needed. One of the fastest outdoor Christmas landscape lights solution, ground stake for easy positioning. It uses 99% less energy than regular string lights.


Multiple Modes: It allows to display thousands of Red, Green and Blue stars combination, or separated Red / Green/Blue star sparkling automatically. 3 Modes of lighting are allowed.

Wide Coverage, High Brightness and long Cable: It can cover 40ft x 40ft area and reach the area which other decorative lights cannot. Uses 99% less energy than regular string lights, Low-voltage transformer with 19ft long cord.

Waterproof and Safe: IP65 waterproof design gives it a long life, safe light points, each point less than 1mw.


It is suitable for star-studded projection lamp design for different occasions, it is very suitable for Christmas, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, wedding, various outdoor party decorations, can make the ambience even more merrier.

Effect: Flashing starlight projector laser light, flashing starlight laser light illuminates the house, lawn, courtyard, giving you the feel like you are in the magic of the stars.

User friendly: It is very easy to operate. So you can use it very quickly. You can simply place it anywhere.

Quality Assurance: Safety, FDA, FCC, ROHS and IP67 test report certificates with flashing star projection lasers. Durable, it works well even on very cold days. The best results are obtained in dark environments, and the projected brightness is affected by the illumination.


Moving Red & Green & Blue 18 Patterns in 3 Models – Christmas, Halloween and Star three Themes Garden Laser Light Projector with optional Red, Green and Blue three colors. Each model contains 6 patterns, dynamically shines 18 changeable patterns and 1k+ blinking spots decorates your home, and garden in full year for Christmas, Halloween, Wedding, Party and Disco.

Waterproof and Certified Safety – Aluminum IP65 water-proof body, and it can be used in a severe weather (adaptable to -30℃-40℃). And FDA, IP65, CE approved, less than 1mW power consumption of single laser beam that harmless to human and environment

Design for Indoor and Outdoor Use – Security lock prevents someone walking away with your garden light. Big extended connector, which is suitable for big snow weather. Plastic base helps you use it in your room. Capable to indoor and outdoor using without any worries


15 Multicolor Pattern Of Scene Selections: This Christmas light is Specifically for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year, Easter and birthday parties. This projector light could project the patterns onto wall, building, ceiling, dance floor or any flat surface. It provides ever-rotating colorful and different pattern spectacles for your occasions and makes your party more fun, energy and vitality.

Remote Control and Timer:  This light contains RF remote control, with up to 30-50 meters. This Product is built-in timer, 2, 4, 6 hours optional, and can cancel the timer function

Easy to Install: This projector light can be used in dry, damp and wet location. It is also equipped with a ground plug and tray, you can use the holiday Projector lights in any environment and scene. Anytime, anywhere can be installed and unpack.


Rotating Modes: This Christmas projector light has a fixed frequency and speed rotate mode. When you connect the power, the projector of four pattern snowflake image will auto rotate. The angle of this laser light is adjustable. This laser light is capable covering up to 3900 square feet of area from a distance of 25 feet.

Durability: The cord is 16.5ft (5 meters) long and it is long enough for you to connect the plug from your house. And the Christmas projector light has a waterproof level of IP65 which ensures it can be applied for most of weather conditions. You get a remote along with this and this laser light contains CE and UL certificates.

Hope this article helped you out to find the best Christmas laser light for your Christmas decoration. If you found this article adding a little value in your life then don’t forget to share this article and let others find their best Christmas laser light too. Cheers!!

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