3 Best Parental Control Software for Android

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When it is the matter of their safety, the age of the child does not matter to a parent. Be it 4 or 40, a parent finds solace in the fact that wherever their child is, they are safe and sound. And in today’s tech savvy world it has become increasingly easier for a parent to keep a virtual watch on their kids with the parental control software.

Such parental control apps is a must have in the smartphone of every parent, especially if the child also possesses one. And not just safety, it is a good move if you want to stay in control as to how your children are using their devices.

The wrong reasons could range from accessing inappropriate content on the web, to installing unnecessary apps and increasing the bills for in-app purchases.

Following are some of the features of the best parental control software for android:

  • Logging into multiple user accounts
  • Control over the usage of the device ranging from time restrictions to restrictions on sites visited
  • Applying filter on the content accessed

Following is the list of parental control software which is highly recommended for parents with kids who use smartphones:

Mspy parental control app

Mspy is a free to use parental control app. This is a must for parents who share their smartphone with their children as this is an app launcher that restricts access to the contents stored in your smartphone.

It provides the user with a custom home screen which exhibits only that are sanctioned to be used by your child. Also this app restricts the download and install of a new app by the children and also making outgoing calls or sending text messages is not allowed. The best part about this parental control software is that it does not allow in-app purchases.

Secure Teen parental control software:

Another free parental control software, the name of the app suggests the use of the app for teenage children but it can be utilized for monitoring devices of younger children also.

There are namely 2 stages of the app, one where a smartphone app for android is used to monitor the activities of the target smartphone and other is a secure web interface which is again used to track the activities of the smartphone.

This is more of an administrative type of app where one can oversee the management of apps downloaded and their install and uninstall.

Screen time parental control:

This is the best parental control software for android. As the name suggests this app is used to monitor the viewing time limit of the kids on their smartphones or also the devices that they are sharing with you. This best parental control software for android controls time spent on games, apps and web browser.  

This app is enabled with various time mechanisms that are preset to allow or deny access to games and browsers depending upon the time the child tries to access the smartphone.

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