The Best Video Editing Software (For Every Category): A List

The Best Video Editing Software (For Every Category)
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The making or editing of a video is an art. You can either hire an artist who can do that or look out for courses to learn the skill yourself. It depends on you as if you are busy making content; then you must hire someone. However, you want some of your videos to look professional, and some regular videos are just information. It will help you grow your YouTube channel at a fast pace.

Before we move on to the list of software, it is essential to let you know why they are used. Video editing helps mix the videos and add effects to them. You can customize a lot of things as per the ability of the software. Additionally, effectiveness of video editing always depends whether you have the premium version of your video editing software or not. No wonder, all the professional software are paid, and they are worth paying for. Let’s see what you will get with these software –

1) Adobe Premiere Pro

The tool Adobe Premiere Pro by Adobe is a professional software to edit your videos. You can download it directly from the website of Adobe after getting a membership plan. They vary from time and pricing, and one can choose accordingly. However, you can use the train for the days provided to you by Adobe.

It has incredible features to help you add amazing effects to your video. You can blend in any part of the video by cutting and shifting clips from multiple sequences. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can edit videos and even add animation to any video. Combining and using Adobe’s tools for your video and images can result in extraordinary work.

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Key Features

The software is packed with all the essential features you need for your professional video. It’s what you get with Adobe Premiere Pro –

  • With this tool, you won’t have to give it a lot of effort into editing. There are features like Lumetri colour, Auto Reframe, Audio Sync, Essential Sound, VR 180, to align the videos correctly. It will help you reduce your work and hence, make it perfect for all types of content makers.
  • To earn more profit from your business, you can always use Adobe Premiere Pro. It gives out a lot of free cloud space to store your files and access them whenever you want. Advanced editing features provide amazing tools to attract new customers to your website.

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  • There are some amazing effects you can find online that can colour grade the videos. You can also buy these presets from a videographer for the rest of your life. They aren’t costly, and even free presets are beneficial for every video editor out there.

Now after you’ve gone through it all, you know that Adobe Premiere Pro is the best. Accordingly, if you have the same requirements, you can always choose this application for almost all Platforms.

2) Lightworks

Do you know why Lightworks is famous? Well, there are outstanding features in the app, but the movie “Wolf of the Wall Street” was edited using this particular software. Due to its bad UI, it can sometimes show bugs, and one has to fix it. With time, you can get used to the same, and it doesn’t give out too much load to your website.

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You can choose from a wide variety of plans available for Lightwork users. Not only does it contain features, but it also helps give high-quality output. Look out for some of these features in every app, and here is what makes Lightworks a better editing software.

Key Features

There are many things that you can get from the Lightworks app, and one can install amazing plug-ins within it. They are considered the best among all other apps on the internet and the features you get with it are –

  • If you are planning something for your YouTube channel, this is the best thing to consider. You can start editing videos on the train and upload it on your YouTube for a better reach.
  • The features are pretty fast in Lightworks, and you can get the most out of them. They will help you save time without any lags. Moreover, you will end up with an amazing quality of YouTube videos.

3) InVideo

This tool is designed for everyone. The agency has an immense set of features to provide high-quality videos of up to 4K. One can use this software easily on any type of computer of PC. You can easily make logos, animation, and intros for your YouTube videos with it. Captions addition, media library, and bulk uploading aids provide easy access to all your accounts. Make sure you choose the best way to do that using the InVideo App on your PC today.

There are plenty of premium features to choose from. For that, you have to buy a membership plan. It will unlock a few premium features which we will discuss in the next section.

4) Final Cut Pro X – For Mac

For Apple users, there is a specific set of video editing software. However, you can also use Adobe Premiere Pro, as it is available for Mac OS. You can also learn Final Cut Pro X, which is an advanced software. You can create unique content with it as there is a difference in editing types of both Final Cut and Premiere Pro.

Key Features

Final Cut has various features and here is a list of them –

  • You can get background rendering which will let you edit videos while other videos are already uploading on your channel.
  • A lot of effects can be added to your videos.

Other features like remapping, masking of character are as per other video editors. Video editing software is unique in their way. It depends on the editor how they use it to showcase their creativity.

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