What Are the Best XMR-to-BTC Converters?

xmr-to-btc convertors - list

No matter the currency, being able to convert to BTC is quintessential for investors. With its widespread adoption, Bitcoin provides the most flexibility for crypto owners.

Getting straight to the point, here are the main factors to consider when looking at crypto convertors:

  •  The amount of pairs available
  •  Security of the convertor
  •  User-friendliness
  •  Transaction fees
  •  Customer support availability and effectiveness

Top Cryptocurrency Converters Compared

Most convertors excel at a few factors and lag behind in others. For example, those with a lot of complexity will provide more functionality but will be difficult to use as well. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of some of the top cryptocurrency converters out there!


Despite being relatively new, Godex has quickly become an extremely reputable XMR-to-BTC convertor. This is mainly due to its special emphasis on security.


  •  Versatility. Largest variety of pairs on this list.
  •  Freedom. No limits to transactions.
  •  Speed. Transactions are fast.
  •  Security. As a P2P exchange, wallets are controlled by the users themselves.


  •  No Fiat Currency. Godex does not support fiat currency at the moment.


Everybody who trades crypto has heard about Coinbase. As one of the first exchanges, Coinbase is also one of the most reputable.


  •  Variety of Pairs. Has a lot of tradable pairs.

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  •  User-friendly. The interface is fairly simple and easy to learn.


  •  High Fees. Transaction fees are quite high.
  •  Control. Your wallet is controlled by the exchange, potentially exposing you to security risks.


Binance is another highly reputable crypto converter. In fact, its reputation has led to it being banned in many jurisdictions.

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That said, it is probably one of the best platforms for advanced traders.


  •  Low Fees. Transactions do not cost a lot on Binance.
  •  Options. You get a lot of tradable pairs, including many fiat currencies.


  •  Regulated. Binance is not available in some areas.
  •  Advanced. Due to its complicated nature, beginners may have a hard time getting started.


Although not particularly well-known, Kraken provides an excellent platform for converting cryptocurrencies.

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  •  Number of Pairs. Kraken has a lot of tradable pairs.
  •  Support for Fiat Currencies. The platform has full support for multiple fiat currencies.


  •  Complicated. Just like Binance, Kraken’s user interface is difficult for beginners to figure out.
  •  Customer Support. Kraken’s customer support team is infamous for being subpar and incompetent.

How a XMR-to-BTC Converter Works (Using Godex as an Example)

Let’s take a look at how you can use an XMR-to-BTC converter. We are using Godex as an example since it is the easiest platform available.

Step 1. Head to Godex.io and select a pair you want to exchange.

Step 2. Define the wallet where you would like to receive your exchanged cryptocurrency.

Step 3. Deposit the funds into the wallet address to begin the exchange process.

Step 4. You will get a confirmation message. It will take a few minutes for the transaction to complete.

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The Best All-Around Solution

All of the converters mentioned have their advantages and disadvantages. The one you end up using depends on your wants, needs, and preferences.

Keeping everything in mind, those who use godex services get the best possible experience. Apart from it being unable to trade fiat currency pairs, Godex is a perfect XMR to BTC converter (as well as any other cryptocurrency pair).

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