Why There is a Need to Switch to Biodegradable Plates from Plastic Disposable Plates

While everyone is talking about the technological developments and the modern-day achievements of the human race, only a few realize the fact that if we do not act responsibly we will run out of inhabitable space on the planet soon. Now that we are slowly deteriorating our environment through various ways especially with the heavy use of plastic, it is time we switch our priorities and become more eco-friendly.

According to a study, it has been found that every passing minute, one million plastic products are being used all over the world and a major portion of these plastic products are the easy to throw plastic plates. Unfortunately, these plastic plates that are so easy to use and throw are not that easy when it comes to decomposition. Well, it takes at least 400 years to decompose and during these years, it will keep producing harmful chemicals and other waste products that will further pollute water, soil, and air.

Eight million tonnes of waste plastic including these plates ends up in the sea each year, polluting them entirely. Besides, if a plastic plate is thrown into an ocean, it breaks into smaller fragments further disrupting the entire aqua life. Therefore, it is time that we switch to sustainable and eco-friendly biodegradable plates instead of using plastic plates that are quite fatal to the environment and biosphere. Now that plant based dinnerware plates are the new fancy disposable plates we do not have to compromise with the look of the table.

You can save mother nature by using these easy to use fancy disposable plates and here we tell you how:

Plastics Kill Animals, and Not Just Marine

We have a general conception that only a handful of animals might be dying because of plastic consumption. However, going by the numbers, more than 100 million marine animals die each year. This number , unfortunately, is only for marine animals as there is no exact data for birds and terrestrial animals. Besides, wile there are various forms of plastic disposed in the water, a major portion comes in the form of plates.

So, if we keep using plastic plates for the next five years, we would be directly or indirectly responsible for killing more than 500 million marine animals in the given frame of time.

Biodegradable Plates are Compostable and Do Not Add to the Landfill Mass

Since these eco-friendly plates are made of sustainable and renewable products, they are compostable. Yes, they come under wet waste and not dry waste like plastic plates. This means, you can either compost the entire trash in your backyard or send to the composting site for them to decompose. Once decomposed, they add to the soil and plant nutrients without adding to the landfill mass.

They Minimize Our Contact with Harmful Toxins

When hot food products come in contact with plastic, it becomes toxic because of the release of harmful chemicals due to the heat produced by the hot food. This is the reason why most of the people do not recommend drinking coffee or eating hot food in plastic plates and cups. Now that, harmful toxins released by the plastic can become a major reason for a deadly disease in the future, it is advised to get rid of them by using biodegradable disposable plates.

So, switching to biodegradable fancy disposable plates not only protect the environment and its habitats, but also saves you from getting in contact with harmful toxins. It is high time you switch from plastic disposable plates to the eco-friendly ones and go green.

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