Know Why Blackstrap Molasses Is Far Superior than Honey!

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Honey has been valued as a natural sweetener from ages. Today, the health conscious pack have already switched from sugar to honey.  However, it is interesting to note that honey is still highly over rated as it contains a lot of calories as well as carbohydrates in it while the nutritional content is quite less as compared to blackstrap molasses.

Well, yes, black strap molasses is far better and superior than honey. Here in the article, we would focus on blackstrap molasses – an excellent natural and healthy product.


What is Blackstrap Molasses?

Blackstrap molasses is a by-product of sugarcane’s refining process. It is a dark viscous liquid obtained after boiling sugarcane consequently for the third time. Sugarcane is first squashed into cane juice. The first boiling of cane juice produces cane syrup. A second boiling produces molasses and boiling for the third time gives blackstrap molasses. 


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The USP of black strap molasses is that unlike sugar and honey, it contains both macro and micro-nutrients such as Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium and Vitamin B6. This is the reason why it is also referred as a superfood.

Nutritional Comparison of Blackstrap molasses and Honey

Mineral Content Comparison of Blackstrap Molasses and Honey

The mineral content of black strap molasses is very high when compared to honey and pollen. The difference is not only huge but also quite alarming, making one urge to switch from honey to black strap molasses. Let us compare the two by the given chart.


While, the Calcium content of honey is just 6 mg, the calcium content of blackstrap molasses is a whooping 205mg. Iron in honey is only 0.42 mg but it is much-much higher (4.72mg) in black strap molasses. Potassium, and Phosphorous, two of the most important minerals required for the body’s growth and development is far less in honey as compared to black strap molasses.  Interestingly, you’ll notice that blackstrap molasses simply outbeats honey in Mineral content.

Carbohydrate, Sugar and Calorie Comparison

The carbohydrate content in 100g honey is 82.4g whereas black strap molasses have only 74.73g of carbohydrates per 100g. Similarly, the sugar content in honey is 82.12g but it is only 55.49g per 100g in black strap molasses. 100g of honey contains 304 calories whereas black strap molasses has only 235 calories per 100g.


While, many of the people have switched from sugar to honey, it is interesting to note that the difference in the calorie content of granulated sugar and honey is very modest. While, sugar contains 387 calories, honey contains only 83 less calories than it.

Water Soluble Vitamin Content Comparison of Blackstrap Molasses and Honey

The content of water-soluble vitamins is far more in black strap molasses than honey. Vitamin B6 in honey is 0.024mg but it is 0.67 mg in BS Molasses. Honey doesn’t have Thiamin while black strap molasses has 0.041mg. The content of Niacin, Pantothenic acid and choline too is more in BS Molasses. Only Riboflavin is comparatively higher in honey.
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This is the reason why blackstrap molasses have a lot of health benefits, unlike honey. Interestingly, though honey cannot be consumed by people with diabetes, black strap molasses can be used as a sweetener by diabetics. Besides, it combats stress, PMS syndrome and also aids the body from various diseases like asthma and osteoporosis – beating honey royally.
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