Why Should You Change Your Tires Regularly?

The U.S. automotive tire market is expected to post a 5.4%  compound annual growth rate from 2019 to 2024. By 2024, experts project that the market will be valued around USD 75.4 billion thanks to the growth in the automotive industry and positive tire replacement rate.

Global News Wire reports that the increase of the average lifespan of vehicles and tire damages contribute to the upsurge of the tire replacement rate. Early warning signs of tire failure and the need for heavy duty tire changer include uneven tread wear, blisters or bulges, and excessive vibration.

Usually, tires experience massive flexing in the sidewalls, which results in them to run dangerously at highway speeds. Here are reasons why you should change tires regularly to ensure a smooth riding experience.

Ensure Better Safety

Safety is the most significant benefit of getting new tires. Uneven or damaged tires cause 35% of vehicle crashes.

Stats also show that more than 3,000 people die from road accidents daily. Depending on the condition of the roads and tire quality, a new set of tires will keep everyone safe for the 70,000 to 110,000 miles.

New tires also enable your vehicle to turn, stop, and go at maximum speeds. On average, new tires cost around $350 to $550, depending on the make and model.

Achieve Better Gas Mileage

Tire condition can significantly affect the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. A set of worn-out tires with uneven tread patterns may bring negative impacts to the gas mileage.

This is because the car must work twice as hard to put its strength and power to the ground. For the best results, mount the tires properly using a massive duty tire changer. A heavy duty tire changer will deliver sufficient pressure to the suspension system for a more significant function.

Robust tire changers also work best with vans, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Check with service providers for tire alignment equipment to ensure that tires provide the best gas mileage possible and prevent wear and tear.

Increased Vehicle Performance

Worn out tires have a little number of treads left on them. As a result, your car needs to work extra to generate more power for braking and turning.

The distance for your automobile to come to the speed at which you can enter a turn or stop relies on the quality of the tire. Tires are performance-oriented and comprise of sticky compounds or aggressive tread construction.

Opting for new tires helps provide better traction, comfortable drive, and deliver better performance on the road. New tires are also brimming with excellent functioning designs and treads that work well on long trips.

How to Tell if You Need to Change Tires?

Among the main indications that you need a tire change is through excessive wear. In most cases, tires are usually rated to last a set amount of miles.

Other factors like harsh driving conditions and habits may reduce the service life of car tires. Consider asking an experienced mechanic, from a reputed company like Rav America, about the tread life left on the vehicle to guide you in the next tire purchase.

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