Final Checklist for Selecting Your Child’s School in Noida

How to choose the best school for your child? This is a question most parents struggle with, especially during the admission season. As parents, you go through a lot of doubts and questions regarding the curriculum, board and various schooling options. The primary purpose of it all comes down to the overall educational experience your child is yet to embark upon. 

From your child’s ‘in-classroom’ experience to ‘how teachers and students cordially work together’ there are a lot of things to think about before making the final decision. If you’re looking for the best schools in Noida, you can consider international schools like Genesis Global School that offer extensive curriculum and co-curricular activities for students.

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We all have our priorities and limitations set when it comes to making life-altering decisions. Similarly, finding the right school for your child includes the same thought process.

Below is a detailed checklist for you to choose the best schools in Noida:

1. Make a Wish List

Just like you make a shopping list by writing things down, it is essential to write down what you are looking for in an ideal school for your child. It makes your wants clearer to you and helps you focus on the qualities you need. This step is also crucial to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a school for your child.

Figure out what is suitable for your child and what you value the most. For instance, do you value academic excellence or want to emphasize on the all-round development of your child, including sports and extracurricular activities. These are the kind of questions you must ask yourself while making a list.

2. Know the School’s Philosophy

The core values of a school play a crucial part in determining the best schools for your child. Try and figure out the school’s philosophy of education as a whole. Get to know the teachers and their learning approach as it tells a lot about a school.

You’ll get to know if they believe only in academic success or sincerely educate students to succeed in life. While selecting among the best schools in Noida, make sure that you make a visit to the shortlisted schools and explore as much as you can to have a sense of security that your child will be in the right hands.

3. Infrastructure and Maintenance

The infrastructure of the schools matters a lot while picking the right school for your child. Find out if the school has modern equipment and facilities to cater to the new-age learning and if they have adequately sized grounds and play areas for students. The overall maintenance of the school is necessary to inculcate the right learning environment for students.

4. Academic Performance

Although extracurricular activities and divergent learning are much needed for a child’s growth, their academic performance holds the same importance. Compare the school’s average exam scores at the district and state levels. Look into the ranks it has secured,’Have the school ranks risen or fallen, and what is the reason for that?’ A good track recording indicates a higher quality of teaching and their learning approach.

The Bottom Line

While choosing the best school for your child may be a tough call, it can be easy and less complicated if you begin your research early. Do not wait for the admission time as it only leads to chaos. Make it a point to investigate the background of the shortlisted schools and the future it can present your child, in the coming years. Reputable schools like Genesis Global School offer a wide range of courses and activities to enhance social and economic environments in the long run. So, explore and compare the top schools as the future of your child depends on your final decision.

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