Choosing a summer camp? Here is what you need to know

Summer comes with a myriad of activities and camping is one of them. To ensure that the children have a wholesome experience it is essential that the best campsite is picked. It may be necessary for some instances to do the choosing with the child or children going for the camp to ensure that they love the idea of going to camp and have a say in what camp they want to go to. The choice between day and overnight summer camps should be done during the preliminary stages. This way it is easier for one to narrow down on possible sites that are within their locality and offer the services that they are after.

Summer camps come in different genres and one should ensure that they pick one with activities that will interest their children. Picking up brochures from the different camps available in one’s area of residence can act as a guide in the selection process. To pick the right genre, one should be aware of the child’s talents and interests. Consultation with the child is also important for their comfort and maximal participation at the camp. Some of the genres available include;

  • Traditional – this type of camping is that which involves multiple activities such as archery and campfires to build on attributes such as self-confidence among others. It is appropriate for children with varied interests with a need to build on their core values.
  • Special needs – this option is available for children who are not physically, emotionally, or mentally fit to attend the typical summer camps. The environment created in such camps is conducive and tailored to meet the needs of the campers. The number of staff is also high so that individuals are accorded the special care that they need.
  • Art – in such camps artistic expressions are the center of attention. Here, children are allowed to explore their talent in art outside the school setting in groups. Different forms of traditional arts are encouraged alongside contemporary forms coming up.
  • Adventure – the main events in adventure camps is exploration. Ideal for inquisitive kids with the energy to go out and explore.
  • Academic – hands-on education is provided in academic camps as well as extra-curricular activities that model that provided in schools but more intense. Different approaches are used to teach children different skills that they may not be taught in school.
  • Athletic – sporty kids who enjoy the outdoors will find athletic camps ideal. They will get to learn more about the sport they are interested in and also interact with other children with a shared interest.

Once the type of camp has been decided, other factors can be considered to enable the trip and stay of the child in the chosen facility. Some of the elements that should be thought out include;

The setting of the camp

Selection does not end at the type of camp. One has to ensure that the camp is in an ideal location with all the necessary resources to facilitate the various activities that a child will want to interact with. A visit to the camp prior to signing up is a good way to understand how they operate and the amenities that they offer. Interacting with parents who have taken their children to a particular summer camp before may be necessary to establish how everything is done. Extensive research on the area should also be done for one to know what dangers may be there for the child such as insects and plants that are poisonous or the child is allergic to.

Number of campers and staff

Using the camp’s records one can be able to tell how many children stay at a given facility every year and the number of staff available to tend to them. This way one can gauge if their child will be given the necessary attention and attended to swiftly in case of an accident or emergency. Camps with many kids and less staff should be avoided as it means that the child may be left unattended to at some point posing risk that may be hard to manage.

After a preliminary visit to the camp, one can decide if it is appropriate for their child or not. It is also advisable to have someone familiar with the family and the child at the camp in the case of first-time campers.

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