Deo Reborn: All About Cinthol Deo Stick Online for Men and Women

The usual deodorant just got a makeover. Yes, it has made the ultimate sacrifice and has changed forever for good. Something that you have never used before. Say cheers to Cinthol Deo Stick – The ultimate deo stick for men and women!


What is Cinthol Deo Stick?

Well, it is a new and innovative deo which doesn’t have a spray. It is actually a special cream formulated deo that can be applied without using our hands. Since the deo stick is made with a unique formula, it is quite soft on skin and lasts 3 times more than any ordinary spray deo. Just apply the Deo Stick to the skin directly after a shower to experience long lasting freshness all day long. The Deo Stick is available in 6 variants.

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Product Features of Cinthol DeoStick:

Long Lasting – Every time I used CintholDeo Stick, I realized it lasts for more than 9 hours, sticking true to its feature of lasting 3 times more than any ordinary deodorant.

Low Price – 40gm of CintholDeo Stick costs only Rs. 69. Besides, if you purchase these Deo Stick online you’ll get discounts too. At this price, the innovative product is no doubt a value for money.

Soft and Gentle on Skin – It is suitable to all the types of skin and doesn’t cause any irritation. It doesn’t have any side effects too. If you are allergic, we would suggest you to do a test before using it.

Easy To Use – You just have to apply the tube on your body without using your hands.

Quite Handy – The product is quite compact and so it can easily fit even in a small pouch. This makes it a travel friendly pack.

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How to use Cinthol Deo Stick:

Apply it after you come out of the shower to experience ‘that’ awesome freshness all day long.

Step 1:

After you come out of the shower, take the Cinthol DeoStick towards your body and gently squeeze out a small amount.

Step 2:

Now apply directly onto your skin by moving the tube. No, there is no need to use your hands.

Step 3:

Apply wherever you need it on your body as described in Step 2 and enjoy the freshness all day long as you feel the fragrance oozing out of your body even after your hectic day at work.

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Should you buy This Deo Stick?

Now that the deo stick lasts whole day long and is 3 times better than any ordinary deo, it is surely something to vouch for. In addition, it is suitable for all skin and is quite easy to apply. Besides, the price is less and one can easily carry it in their small pouches or even pockets. Another good thing is that this deo stick is available, both for men and women.

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