Celebrating the Hidden Joy of Hearing With Cochlear Implants

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There was a time when a child born deaf had no option of getting back into the world of sound. For decades, the only option available for parents was to send their kid in a special school dedicated for the hearing impaired. There, the children studied in the shadows and embraced a different culture of silent communication.

However, recent technological advances in medicinal science are reshaping the lives of hearing impaired children. Children who once couldn’t hear, are now leading a normal life like the rest of the people. Kids who lost their hearing at an early age are now breaking all stereotypes by learning multiple languages, participating in extracurricular activities and living a normal life. Thanks to Cochlear Implant, what kids with hearing loss once dreamt is now a reality for people across the globe.

With Cochlear Implants people are now celebrating the Hidden Joy of Hearing

When Dr. Milind V. Kirtane MS (ENT) DORL, a Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon at Hinduja Hospital and one of the pioneers of cochlear implants in India shared his journey of more than 2500 cochlear implant surgeries at Cochlear Celebration event on Sunday, 14th May, 2017, the audience couldn’t stop applauding after listening about the positive stories of the recipients.

Where most children with normal hearing can speak one or two languages fluently, 12 year old Bhagyashree Mohan (who received her Cochlear implant when she was 2.5 years old) can easily surpass them with the ability to speak four languages – English, Hindi, Marathi and even Sanskrit. She delighted the audience by reciting poems in all the four languages. Interestingly, Bhagyashree is not content with four, and has started learning Tamil as well.

Shanice Fernandes, who has got an offer from Morgan Stanley, lost her hearing when she was 2 years and 11 months old. She was implanted at the age of 5 and over the years, she has utilized the power of her Cochlear Implant fully. Shanice not only topped her school by scoring 94.6% in her class XII board exams but has also passed her BBA exams with flying colours. She lives independently in Bangalore and has an extremely active lifestyle.

It was really pleasant to see how Cochlear Implants have nurtured young minds and turned them into champs. When I met Jehan Daboo, I had no clue that he was a recipient. Much to my surprise, I was later informed that he is a bilateral implantee. He underwent his first implant in 2002 at the age of 5.5 years and the second in 2012.

Jehan has had many achievements, one of them being – Winning a Bronze medal at World Deaf Youth Badminton Championship, 2015.

With Cochlear Implants, children including teenagers are not just overcoming life’s difficulties but outgrowing them into being much stronger individuals. After all as the innovator & global leader in implantable hearing solutions, CochlearTM is dedicated to bringing the gift of sound to people with moderate to profound hearing loss.

Today more than 450,000 people are living confidently without any social and emotional baggage. These warrior recipients with A+ hearing are living life to the fullest by celebrating each day with a smile on their face. With access to innovative future technologies that CochlearTM provides, hearing loss is no more a non-recoverable problem today. Anybody can re-discover the hidden joy of life by entering the magical world of sound with Cochlear Implants.

Now that 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents and 60% of childhood hearing loss is preventable for both acute and chronic ear conditions, it is important that we test our infants as well as kids for hearing to be on the safer side of the issue.

Get your child tested for hearing loss just the way you get them tested for farsightedness. Act now and make life easier for your child because early intervention is a must.

For more details on Cochlear Implants check out the official website. You can check out the journey of several recipients on the official facebook page.

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