7 Common Loan Application Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Loans are basically a part of our daily lives. The process of applying for a loan and getting a loan approved is now easier and systematic. But, unintentionally or intentionally, there are a lot of people who make mistakes while applying for loans and their application gets rejected. The approval process might seem to be a very daunting task; the process involves huge paperwork and needs immense patience. But if correctly done, your loan can be approved in an instant whether you want loans in Miami (Title Loans Miami) or any part of the country.

7 loan application mistakes

Here are the 7 things you much avoid when you are applying for loans :

  1. Your credit file is filled with numerous credit inquiries and notations

A borrower targets the best deal all the time but problems might arise when there would be plenty of marks on the credit file. All lenders can access the credit files so there would be a negative answer from all of them due to this reason. What you can do is, do not approve any other lender to access your credit file until and unless you have a lender of your preference in mind. Take the assistance of your mortgage broker to achieve the best loan deal, ideal for your situation and requirements. Once done, submit the application. Please be careful of incomplete documentation.

  1. A badly written loan application

When you are filling up your credit history, let there be no careless mistakes or omissions. It can give rise to suspicions or the lender might also consider you as fraudulent. Have a discussion with the broker and let him ask for all credit report for each and every party to the loan prior to submitting the application. Your plays a vital role in getting the application approved.

  1. The lender feels you don’t have sufficient savings

The income requirements or the deposit amount can greatly vary from one lender to another. The requirement of the deposit amount also varies upon what you are purchasing. Buying a car needs lower deposit amount but buying a home requires quite a high amount. There are costs of conveyance, mortgage insurance, legal costs and stamp duty or other taxes. This is why you should be confident that you have enough funds ready. Ask your broker to find a lender that needs a low deposit.

  1. The status of your employment has recently changed

The mortgage lenders are usually not interested in individuals who change their jobs frequently. This gives an impression of instability and moreover, most companies have a probation period of 3-6 months and an income assessment can only be done once the probation span is over. Lenders usually consider your employment as your ability to repay the loan. In case you have more job changes, talk to your broker. He is efficient in finding lenders who accept this and he will find also different ways to get the loan approved.

  1. You have bad savings history or it’s irregular

Lenders always love to see a stable income or a very regular savings at least 6 months before you start the loan. A good savings is the proof that you would be able to make monthly repayments. Try to maintain a regular savings history so that your approval would be faster and hassle-free. Before you apply for a loan, it is very important to check your credit score because this can be one of the major reasons for rejection.

  1. Applying as soon as a loan is rejected

Do not reapply too soon, it’s a turn-off! It never gives a good impression because the other lender would be aware of your repeated application, the failure and you would lose the chance of acquiring the loan once again. So, if there is rejection one time, take time to reapply, minimum 3 months. In the meantime work on your credit score and credit history.

  1. Your lender did not share your idea of a dream possession

Are you applying for a home loan? A home loan is a big thing and it involves a lot of processes. There are lenders who have policies related to certain properties like: considering the property rural or unacceptable pin code, etc.  In scenarios like this, talk to your broker, he can help you find a lender offering loan without any such clauses.


Now you know everything about how you should apply for a loan without making mistakes. If you are willing to apply for loans in Miami, make sure you don’t make these mistakes and make all necessary arrangement before you take the plunge. 

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