Communal Tension in West Bengal & Kerala: The Root and the Cause!

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People often ask me why I don’t write about the communal tensions in West Bengal and Kerala – is it because it’s the Muslims who are rioting and the Hindus who are being killed?

I must say that for someone who has been quite vociferous about any sort of atrocities, it is a stupid question to ask.

But it is true. I do not write about West Bengal and Kerala, and there is a reason for that. A very strong reason.

As far as Kerala is concerned, most of the killings happening there are political murders. RSS is trying to make inroads into the Communist dominated Kerala with saffron flags in one hand and Swords in another.

So what is happening in Kerala is nothing short of a turf war amongst two political rivals who are bonking off each other.

Yes, it is a law and order problem and it should be sorted out. But one can easily see through the charade there.

Quite a few years back, there was a huge Gang War amongst Chhota Rajan and Dawood for control over the Mumbai’s underworld businesses. A lot of gangsters from either side got killed. I DID NOT WRITE OR PROTEST ABOUT THAT.

Not that I am saying that RSS people are gangsters….they can be worse … err… they can also be better. I don’t know. But I definitely don’t intend to protest against Turf War killings between two factions.

What’s happening in West Bengal is quite interesting though. A 17 year old uploads a Facebook post, which goes viral within moments, the boy is arrested before you know it, and the Musanghis are out on the streets rioting in 24 Parganas district, the Governor calls the Chief Minister of West Bengal and fires her around about the situation and the Center sends in paramilitary forces …… and all this happens within just a couple of days??

Somehow I am not comfortable with the speed in which the development of these events took place. I am not sure what it is that I smell, but it definitely smells like a dead rat marinated in Nagpur masala.

So, to those asking me these questions. No, I am not going to write anything on West Bengal and Kerala unless and until I am totally convinced that this is not just a polarisation strategy to create a further communal rift between the society, eventually leading to the successful propaganda of You-Know-Who.

Infact I would urge the Muslims in West Bengal to come out in the streets in full force, with a peaceful protest to condemn the violence which is going on in their name and make it very clear that they have no hand in this rioting. It might also be a good idea for them to co-operate with Mamata Banerjee and stop the rioting and put the instigators behind bars.

And as a last word on this issue: All Violence is bad and I condemn it unequivocally. All polarising strategies are equally bad and should be shunned. People should stop falling for polarisation tactics.

The need of the time is for all sensible thinking people, irrespective of their faith, gender and caste, should stand up and distance themselves from these hate agendas and clearly show the hatemongers, on either sides, whether Hindus or Muslims, that we will not be a part of this and that we will not fall for such tactics, as much as they try.

Whatever news comes out of West Bengal and Kerala needs to be taken with a pinch of salt and investigated thoroughly before reacting to it.

The post on communal tension in West Bengal and Kerala was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his facebook timeline


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