Construction Business : Know the Requirement & Costing of Material for RCC – Reinforced Cement Concrete

Construction Business Building RCC
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Material requirement and the total procurement cost for various items is the most important part of a construction business. Here we focus only on the material requirement of concrete and brick work with its costing which costs more than 60% of the total construction cost of the building.

Construction Business Building RCC

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(RCC is Cement Concrete in which steel reinforcement is embedded for it’s extra tensile strength ELSE it is a Plain Cement ie PCC).

Material required for 1 cubic meter of reinforced cement concrete (RCC) 1:1.5:3 (M200 Mixed design)


  1. Coarse Aggregate 20mm graded crushed metal – 0.5 cubic metre
  2. Coarse Aggregate 12.5mm graded crushed metal – 0.5 cubic metre


Coarse Fine Aggregate River Sand 4.75mm graded – 0.5 cu.m (add 20% extra for bulkage)


Cement 400 kg (8 bags of 50kg).


Water is required for mixing the cement concrete at the rate of 30 to 33 kg per cubic metre as per the mixed design of the concrete.

If you multiply the current market rate of the above material at the site of the work wherever your construction business is going on, you’ll get the total material cost of 1 cu.m of concrete.

However, now a days in construction business, cement concrete is used and applied with readymade concrete plants (RMC) and are placed with mechanical hose pipe at the place of work and duly compacted by mechanical/electrical vibrators with skilled labors.

This mix of concrete M200 can take a load of 200kg or more per square cm after 7 days. Please note, the strength of concrete increases with its age if it is fully cured by the sprinkling of water continuously. Curing is very important for cement work as per its mechanical and chemical properties.


The total quantity of Steel required for residential and commercial buildings comes out to be 75kg to 85kg as per the ultimate structure design per cu.m of concrete. However, for underground or overhead water tanks and heavy technical buildings, the quantity of reinforced steel (tor steel) comes out to be 120 to 130 kg as per design and load of the structure.

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The material required for 1 cu.m brickwork in cement mortar 1:4 is summarized here as under:

  1. Bricks Standard Size – 230mm – 475 nos
  2. Cement 80 kg
  3. Sand 0.3 cu.m

If you multiply the current market rate of the above material at the site of the work wherever your construction business is going on, you’ll get the total material cost of 1 cu.m of brick work.

Costing is done here as under:

  1. Cost of Brick Ex. godown/manufacturing site
  2. Add Sales Tax (VAT) as applicable for the material. Currently, the VAT for brickwork is 12.5% in most of the states and for steel it is only 4%
  3. Cost of Octroi – Add cost of octroi as applicable
  4. Labor for loading of bricks/material in the mechanical transport
  5. Labor for unloading of material at the site of the work
  6. Cost of Transportation
  7. Wastage of Material at the rate of 3 to 10% as per the type of the material used in the construction activities

The Requirement of Labor for various civil work items for construction business will be shared in our next article 

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